Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Take us to the candy shop...

So, almost two weeks ago Stephanie did a Throwback Thursday post talking about Halloween during the best time ever, the 90's. You can find that here. I was inspired by it to do a post about the good stuff from Halloween that might not always be the same nowadays.
The candy, of course.
I feel like nowadays people blindly buy and most go for chocolate.
Because it's an easier option.

This list is a mix of things that I don't think you can find anymore & a list of things that you can.
I asked Stephanie to contribute & since she's a guest in this post, her five are up first, followed by my five! So here are some of our favorites.

1. My absolute favorite, and most missed, candy was the wonder ball.  Nestle used to make this little hollow milk chocolate ball filled with hard fruity candy.  Those chalk-y type things like candy lipstick/necklaces but shaped like fruit.  It was the best of both worlds really, with the chocolate and the hard candy chunks.  Make no mistake, I do not like to mix my candies - I love chocolate.  I love gummy bears.  Chocolate covered gummy bears ruin my life.  But wonder balls didn't make you mix them.  You broke open the all and could eat them separately, which my OCD self just loved.  I want my wonder balls back!

2. Life Saver Holes.  Remember these, and mini m&ms? I love things in mini.  They came in little tubes and they were life savers flavors as well as different mixes like 'island fruits.'  My personal favorite was plain old tangerine.  But I loved the original kind too, which is weird because I don't like actual life savers and never have.  Anything in mini form, though, I'm all over it.

3. Watermelon Laffy Taffy with the seeds.  WITH the seeds, you hear me, laffy taffy?  Stop making it without seeds.  Without the seeds is a disgrace.

4. Entertaining ways to eat gum.  Fruit stripe, bubble tape, bubble jugs, the ones in the bandaid container.  My spearmint Orbit seems so boring now.  I'm not sure why I needed a clever way to stick a piece of bubble gum in my mouth, but apparently I did because I had all of these and more.

5. Swedish fish aqua life.  I don't like today's all red all fish shaped swedish fish.  Remember aqua life? Essentially the same candy but in multiple colors and multiple sea creatures.  I actually liked those! I miss them. I think I probably don't like today's swedish fish on principle.  I'm sure they taste the same.

 6. Suckers (Lollipops). Charms, Tootsie Pops, Dum Dums, Safe-T-Pop, Lifesaver Swirls, Paintbrush suckers, Mickey Mouse suckers, Ring Pops, Whistle suckers, etc. Sure, sure, you can get pretty much any suckers anytime, and I still do, I won't even lie. But there are some that you just can't find anymore. Two that I loved that you can't find anymore (or at least I don't know where to find them) are the paintbrush suckers and Mickey Mouse suckers, both of which I can't find photos for.  But really? Who doesn't like lollipops? You just can't not like some kind of sucker.
7. Fireballs and Jawbreakers. I'll say mainly fireballs for this one though. I've always loved them. We used to buy them buy the jug- no I'm not kidding. I guess I like candy that takes minimal effort. Jaw Breakers are great for that, obviously.

8. Warheads. Sour Straws. Sour Patch Kids. You catch the drift. SOUR. I love sour candy. Remembe Warheads Spray? Anyone know where I can get that, or if it's even available anymore? No, but really. I do like Warheads. A bunch. And sour straws, sour gummy worms, etc.

9. Jolly Ranchers and Now & Laters. You know you liked them. Whether it be the sticks, small candies or the lollipops. I don't know exactly what it is about them. But I love them. Luckily, there's no shortage of these. And Now & Laters. One for now, some for later. Again, I don't know what it is about these. I loved them. I'm sure I still do, it's been a while since I've had any. (I'll get back to you on that).

10. Nerds. You know, those little hard candies that are easy to inhale eat. I have to put nerds because my husband likes them & when I first told him about this post & asked what candy he used to always love getting on Halloween or whenever, he said nerds. And he's right. When you stop eating them so much, you forget how good it is.

Obviously, there are tons more that myself and I'm sure Stephanie could add but 10 seemed like a good number, for now. :)

What are or were some of your favorite kinds of candy?

**If you're handing out Halloween candy on Halloween, add some of this to your candy bowl!
**And definitely check out my girl, Stephanie's, blog!
(Thanks for contributing, Steph!)


  1. Man I really want all of these right now!! After I sent them to you, I looked up the laffy taffy with the seeds and apparently I'm not the only one pitching a fit. It's a big deal! Mmm and warheads, those were one of my favorites!

  2. I agree 1000 % with the Watermelon Laffy Taffy!


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