Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Sissy Fits.

Wow, it's really been a year already?
I have to say, and maybe I've already said it before...
This isn't my first blog
but, this is the first blog that I've used this way.
Meaning not for just fun, silly stuff.
Aka Tumblr.
A little over a year ago my best friend and I were talking about starting blogs.
She eventually did not (I wish she would have, I still wish she would) & I eventually did.
After talking to my husband about it & getting his opinion I decided I'd give it a try.
Then came the name game. I had no clue what to even begin calling it.
So, I remembered something my husband said to me one night in the kitchen after I had went off on a long rant, had myself worked up and frustrated.
He called it a Sissy Fit & I love that.
He still calls it that when I really get to going about a topic.
So, I chose that...and then boom, Sissy Fits was born.
While I try to switch it up every so often,
I don't quite know which direction this blog is going, or will go.
And that's okay. I'm not a particular kind of blogger, I don't have a niche.
I never started this to talk about one area of life.
Although I did think about becoming a celeb blogger years ago....
What I do know is the primary reason for this blog is that it is very much a like diary.
A place to talk about the good, the bad, the ugly, the unimportant, the silly, the serious (etc.) things in my life.
A diary that I, for some reason, am sharing with who the heck ever reads it.
And, if you are reading this, well then
that's you.
So, I don't have a special post, really.
Just a Thank You.
To anyone who takes the time to read.
To everyone who takes the time to comment.
I feel like I have been and still am forming some great friendships.
I'm absolutely still growing as a blogger and I am forever finding inspiration from others posts, comments, etc.
I'm grateful that I've came across so very nice bloggers who are willing to help or answer a question when I have one.
So, Thank You to those of you who have helped me in any way.
I'll be back in a couple of hours with Weigh In Wednesday.
Happy First Birthday, Sissy Fits!
And hopefully many more to come.


Thanks for taking the time to stop by & comment! It makes my day!