Friday, October 11, 2013

New Framing Hanley...

If you've been around here for a hot minute, you know that one of my number one bands is Framing Hanley.
And I talk about them, a lot.
So why should today be any different?

They had to push back the release of their very long awaited and anticipated third album, again.
This time there was no new release date announced.
But, since they did have to push it back, again, they released 3 new songs.
3 songs off the new album.
Three FREE songs!
The are called:
Crooked Smiles
No Saving Me
Walt and the Wolves

I encourage you to go get them.
They are free so even if they end up not being your cup of tea,
at least they didn't cost you anything.

You can listen to below, but those are lower quality.
The high quality ones are the ones you download.
They are the exact ones that will be on the album.
To download them, click "Download all 3 tracks FOR FREE RIGHT NOW".
Follow the instructions.

The album is called "The Sum of Who We Are" and it's going to be amazing!

And please, if you like them, share the link ( on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, IG, wherever! 

Thanks a ton!

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  1. Oh wow Framing Hanley! That's a throwback for me. Built for Sin (and basically anything off their first album) used to be my shit. I'm going to have to listen to these!


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