Monday, October 21, 2013

Where, oh where, did my weekend high go?

You know how some Mondays you can wake up and still be riding the high from having such a great weekend? Yea? This isn't one of those.Instead of still riding the high I seem to have face planted into Monday.
I'm short fused today but I'm mustering together the bit of a good mood I do have and shoving some into this here post.
Because, while I may not want to hear anyone eat today, I actually did have a great weekend.
Let's recap shall we...

I already told you how most of Friday went, on Friday. Well Friday evening was chill. Doug had a good check so that will maybe help up build our checking account back up a bit. Doug, Dad & I sat around and watched Kevin Hart's newest stand up, "Let Me Explain". (Read: Doug & I watched and Dad dozed in and out before finally deciding to go to bed. haha)

Saturday was day one of Gold Rush & while Doug "took this weekend off" from hunting,..he actually still went hunting. So I waiting for him to come out of the woods. We got to town at about noon, got $40 out of the ATM (all of which ended up being spend on food and drinks, oopsie ;) ) & starting walking around. We checked out all the booths & then around 3 we found us a spot to watch the parade from. After the parade we checked out a few more booths, sat down for a few and then headed over to the main stage for a concert. I knew beforehand that there were supposed to be a concert on Saturday, two hometown bands & I wanted to see both of them, because I know people in both of them. Hometown support, ya know.
The first band started at 4:45 & I stood for the whole thing in support of my High School chorus teacher. They are called Radford Windham & Step Back Cadillac. <- click the name to go to their Facebook page. The fully bearded man, Radford, was my chorus teacher and I've always liked hearing him sing. Super excited that he is has this band now. This was my first time finally getting to see them & I like it. They are supposed to be having a CD come out after the first of the year sometime if I remember correctly. After their set I stopped by, got a hug, said hi & had some small talk and then Doug & I sat down and waited for the next band to set up. By this time it was about  or a little after and we had been in town, on our feet for  hours. My feet, my back, and my knees hurt & Doug knees were bothering him. Second band started I think around 6:30. They are called Coal Mountain Band. (<- click to go to their FB page.) I went to school with 2 of them for many years...once ever since Elem. So it's nice to know some of what they have gone through and to see where they have ended up. I hope they continue to do well in this endeavor. They are great too. They also are supposed to have a CD coming out after the first of the year sometime.
Both bands have a country/southern rock (RW & SBC have a bit of a folks sound, also) So fair warning before you check out their music, should you want to. I know not everyone likes that. But if you, check them out, if not pass word along to anyone you know who does like it. :-)
We didn't stay for their whole show. We listend to about 5 songs I believe. That just means we'll have to go to another.  :) We were beat. Hurting. Tired. And we had about a mile walk left to get to our car. You know how you can be physically hurting so much that your stomach kind of starts to turn? Ever felt that? Yea, that where I was. lol So we went back to my Granny's, where we parked, and headed home. Stopped in for Subway & it was home to be laaaazzyyy & crash out.

Sunday was day two. We I slept until about 11 & finally roll out of bed & threw myself together. Picked out a more comfortable shoe. We got there around noon again & grabbed $100 out of the atm, because I had some things in mind I wanted to buy, and we headed into town. We only spent about 3 hours in town this time & our loot consisted of food (lol), I got a candle, a wooden wall plaque & a print of a local artists painting. He's not from here, but he met & married a local and fell in love with out town. :) His name is Grant Searcy and he's fantastic. He has a new school feel to his art & it's different & I love it! (All my goodies are picturd below.) After grabbing our final goodies, my coco bongos & his funnel cake, we headed towards the car and were out of town by 3 something. Then it off to his moms to check a trail cam & then home to again be lazy & enjoy some deer tenderloin. Mom got her first deer of the year, a spike. We had a good supper last night & then I unwound with a looong bath/shower and then sitting my ass in bed...watching a game that I'm still a bit mad about...maybe that's why I'm not in the best mood today?....hmm....We aren't even going to talk about football right now though.
Anywho...that was my weekend.

The only thing we didn't do was carve pumpkins but hoping we squeeze that in sometime this week. :D

So...Backstreet Boys/Goo Goo Dolls/Avril Lavigne/The Fray tickets, a good pay day for hubs, Gold Rush, good food & new goodies, and some great tasting deer meat. That right there is a successful fall/Gold Rush weekend.
Now if my feet would return to normal feeling & my shins would stop hurting (started getting shin splint, blah) I'd be great.

And here are some pics.

Gyro. My first one. Idk how I went 25 years without ever trying one, especially when I have the opportunity to every year!
Radford Windham & Step Back Cadillac
Gold Rush Days♥
Coal Mountain Band

Saturday night, leaving the concert.
My Bahama Mama. A necessity.
Part of Sunday's crowd. (This isn't even half of it. & Saturday is always wayyy more packed!)

Dougs unsatisfying chicken quesadilla 
My goodies. A Fisherman's Prayer plaque, Grant Searcy Artwork, and a Baby Powder candle (that smells so cool-JUST like baby powder) for the shitter.
Dougs funnel cake, which a hungry onlooker.
Fun fact: I just had to ask the owner about it...That dog is a Boggle, half Beagle half Boston Terrier. So cute!

Doug's cousin won First place in the 51st World Open Gold Panning Championship 
Okay...fuck. Blogger is being stupid so they are ALL out of order, but I don't care anymore.

Happy Monday and stuff!

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  1. My mouth is SALIVATING from that Gyro. There is a place not too far from our condo that sells the ultimate Gyro but they are only open two hours a day for lunch, Mon-Fri. The line will literally wrap around the building so you have to get there early and deal with the crowd. It's THAT good. Now I must have one. THANKS ALOT! ;)


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