Sunday, October 6, 2013

Technology loves throwing me curveballs.

My computer is breaking.
Sad day.
It doesn't want to open or close and a few pieces have broke off.
So random.
I'm sitting there about to look through some of my pictures and then boom, the computer turns off.
And won't turn back on.
(I also have a bad battery & it won't charge. So anytime it comes unplugged, it dies.)
But it wasn't unplugged, it was computer telling me that my battery was critically low. No shit.
So...go to get another battery out of my mom old computer (which happens to be the same as mine.)
And what do ya know? It doesn't want to open! Oh but wait, you CAN open it, but then it doesn't want to close again.
I mean, I'm about due for a new computer anyway. Mine is almost 6 years old.
But shit, gotta have money.
So, what I'm hoping to due is make an envelope tonight for a new computer & maybe after the new year I can get one. I'd honestly love a desktop, but I'll probably get another laptop first, cheaper and all.
In the meantime, I'll have to search around and see if I can't find someone to fix mine to where it's at least functional for another few months..
So let's hope that I can get it functioning again.
I always feel bad when I have to borrow my moms computer.

Oh and then my phone wanted to start telling me that it's storage space was getting low.
Another no shit moment.
I've had it for 2 years and a couple of months...which in phone terms means it's old.
The speaker has been messed up for over a year now but, I've been able to live with that.
However, lately it's been lagging a bit. And the charger is falling apart.

I think I'm gonna type up most of my posts for the week and schedule them, just in case I can't get my shit fixed.

Anyone have any suggestions for computers? PC only, no apple.
And the phone I've been looking at is the Galaxy S4 Active. My mom & brother have it and it seems pretty good.

I just felt like ranting for a few minutes.
Today should be a good day.
Hope it is for everyone else as well.


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  1. Well, I would say look at refurbished computers. They're just like new, just cheaper. If you don't want to go that route, try Sony. I've had mine for 3, almost 4 years.


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