Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh, hey there...

I forgot to blog Thursday.
And then Friday. I don't even remember why I didn't post.
Oh wait, yea I do...See below.

Oh well.
about 3 hours after started this post, I'm finally finishing it! lol
I started and then got a call that my Texas family finally made it into town so,
had to go see them!

My weekend was pretty good.

Friday I had a job interview. I wasn't going to say anything because I don't want to jinx myself.
I figured I'd keep it mum and then if I get it, I'd be able to announce that.
But I haven't heard back from them yet.
I'm thinking about doing a follow up email or something.
Anywho, cross your fingers, say a prayer, send good vibes or whatever. I hope I get it.
I'm not sure how many people applied or anything like that but,
they talked like they needed someone soon so, who knows!
So I tried not to think about it all weekend.
Came home, watched a movie and just had some family time.

Rest of the weekend was spent doing what seemed like nothing. lol

Hubs went hunting and FINALLY got his first deer, ever.
He got a nice sized doe.
And he was FINALLY able to shave his beard!
Chewbacca no more! Thank God it didn't get as bad as last year!
Him going all hunting season without shaving sucked.

I don't have much of a recap cause we didn't do too much.
He hunted, I shopped a little with my parents, nephew and granny.
Trying to find a pair of pant proved to be that way it always is.
I'll talk about that Wednesday though.
We got my nephew a gun & then went and sighted it in and shot it.
He didn't, he's still not ready, which is 100% fine
We ate.
Watched 2 movies I haven't seen in FOREVER!
Indian in the Cupboard (we bought it for my nephew cause he's never seen it [crazy] but is reading it right now and wanted to see it.
And Brink! Erik von Detten. Need I say more? No, didn't think so.
That's pretty much it. So it's like, we did stuff, but not A LOT.

Now my parents are gone for the week and I have to make sure myself, Doug & my brother have necessities and figure out what we are eating. (Read: I'm primary housewife/mother right now, lol)
And we need to carve punkins! We haven't bothered with it yet, but it's happening THIS WEEK! Also we have a movie to go to, Doug knows it, and so I'm gonna make that happen to.
We should have a good week, Doug & I, we kind of have a lot planned!
I'm excited!
Now I have a couple of blog posts to work on for later.

So, I'm outtie!


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  1. Praying for that job to come through for you! Have fun carving pumpkins!! =D
    I haven't seen Indian in the Cupboard in FOREVER!!


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