Monday, November 4, 2013

Randomness, in bulleted form.

• Hellllooooo!

• Is October really over?

• It's really November?

• Not only am I late to start my Christmas shopping. We also now have to start figuring out Thanksgiving plans and I have to start figuring out what the heck to do for my mom's 50th birthday. Brain overload? Yes.

•Speaking of November & Thanksgiving. Am I the only one who legitimately thought "Oh no, it's almost November & now we get to see what everyone is thankful for"? Don't get me wrong, it's fine & I get it. I actually like that people do it. But it does get old sometimes. There is one girl that I noticed who posted about being thankful for the small things, like how her house was beginning to fill with the smell of what she was cooking for supper. I like that.

• I can't find my computer mouse.

• This is how much Halloween candy we had to hand out.
This is also the amount that's left over. We had 2 people stop by.

• I submitted a pumpkin for a carving contest held by Fall Out Boy. I didn't win 1st place, but they chose 3 runner ups & I was one of them! :) I get a free poster. In case you don't follow my on InstaG, this is my pumpkin. And here is the winners announcement on their site.

• I still never heard back from that job. I'm pretty sure it's been filled.

• Pretty sure I gained about 2 pounds this weekend. Sad to say it might have been worth it. Sometimes you just need to let yourself pig out a little. Too bad we pigged out a lot. Oops.

• A former classmate of mine passed away on the 30th. So sad. We weren't really in the same friends group, but that doesn't even matter, it's still sad to see/hear of someone who is in your age group (and class) pass. Did anyone watch the season of America's Got Talent with a group called The Fiddleheads on it? Well, I went to school with 2 of those guy & him being one of them, he's is/was the founder of that group. He was married to my husbands cousins cousin (make sense?). I'm so sad for her.

• In the wake of that, I can't help but want to hold D a little closer. I couldn't image going through that, especially so suddenly.

• The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back! (Atl & OC are my favorites). I'm excited!

• Girl Code is back!

• I am SO tired still from this weekend. I definitely haven't gotten all my sleep in.

• Let's talk about this weekend. Friday night Carla and I spent WAY too much time working on a puzzle. 7pm-4am And then the next morning. It's still not finished. I don't want to talk about it. Saturday was a major game day for my Dawgs. The Georgia/Florida game. AND WE WON! 3 IN A ROW! Proud to be a Gator Hater. Ugh, so happy and proud! Doug and I finally had Sbarro pizza. We haven't had it in a while & decided it would be our supper for Saturday...only instead of going to the mall and get a slice each, we went and got a whole pizza to bring home. And within an hour that whole pizza was GONE. (This is where that weight gain happened I'm sure). Then at around 10 or 10:30 we had to take an impromptu drive to Athens (about 2 hours away) because my dad was on his way back to the hunting club down there & the car tore up on him. There's no service at the club, so we couldn't get a hold of anyone down there, sooo we had to go help him. It was an interesting night to say the least. We finally made it home at 2am. Sunday we slept late and once we finally rolled out of bed we got ready to go catch a matinee movie, after having Taco Bell for lunch. We saw Bad Grandpa (finally). It was good. (In case you didn't know, I'm an avid Jackass fan. I love them & all of the guys involved.) It wasn't on the same level as Jackass, since this one is only Johnny, but it was still funny. After the movie it was time for spending way too much money grocery shopping & then home to do NOTHING!

• Obviously I didn't eat very well this weekend. It's whatever. So far the menu for the week include baked potatoes one night, baked chicken another & then burgers one night. And of course veggies and salad.

• This...
Saw them yesterday and had to get them to try. Then  wondered why I bought more candy when we still have a shit ton left from Halloween.

• I found my mouse.

• Grown Ups 2 comes out on DVD tomorrow. And Eminem's new album does too. Get 'em.

• Have a good Monday. I need to clean. A lot.



  1. uhhh yeah, i am already over the 'im thankful...' posts. I know they are a good thing, but freakin obnoxious.

    ALSO, i still have not seen grown ups 2, i WANNA!

  2. Ohh cool! I love that you came in the top 3!! Nice!! The pumpkin looks awesome!! =D

  3. I love your pumpkin! That's awesome that you nabbed one of the runner up spots! And I want to do a puzzle, I just don't know when I'll have the time. :) Maybe after Zach and I move in together.

  4. I can't believe it's November! We kind of missed out on the Halloween fun (especially candy) this year since we're in the middle of Whole30. But it'll be over before Thanksgiving, so we're very looking forward to it!

  5. If you need anyone to come over and help you eat your leftover candy, I'd be more than willing! I didn't buy halloween candy to give out this year beacuse I live in an apartment complex with no trick or treaters, and I am missing those leftovers!: )


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