Friday, October 4, 2013


Today is Friday...and I had originally intended to post about the concert I went to last Saturday for the Fan Friday link-up. But, didn't feel like typing most of it up last night, so ya we are at almost 4pm on Friday with no post.

I sucked as a blogger yesterday/last night.
It's okay though. Everyone sucks at some point.
(Contrary to how this post is starting off, I'm in a good mood.) get a ramble box today...

--I'm supposed to be putting some of my music on my brotha micro mini card so he'll have jams for his phone.
But, I felt like blogging first.
Sorry, Broseph!
Also...I don't quite know what to put on it. He gave me pretty much free reign.
Which isn't always wise.
I think he needs some One Direction & maybe even Backstreet Boys thrown into the mix.
Don't you think?

--My husband is leaving with my brother in a few hours, they'll be gone until Sunday & I'll have 2 nights off a full bed to myself. Yep, it's definitely hunting season. As, always I'll miss him. But, deuces, baby! Get me a big one so we can have some tenderloin & jerky. And so you can shave!

--Speaking of my husband, I'm so glad he embraces, and actually share the same weirdness as me. We've decided that if we can get our living room functional that we are gonna do a small Christmas tree down here. Just to be festive...more on that later, assuming it actually happens. But, I actually need to shut my pie-hole because it's too early to talk about decorating for Christmas.

--I'm gonna see if my mom wants to hit up Spirit Halloween with me this weekend for shits and giggles. Cause it makes me way happier than it should to be in a store like that. 

--This weekend is supposed to be laid back, which I'll take. Last weekend was amazeballs, but so hectic. We have a birthday dinner to cook for my Granny on Sunday and that's pretty much the only plan at the moment. Family time & football, I'll take it.

--& I still haven't kicked PCD. I'm still looking for the rewind button on my life VCR so I can go relive Saturday night but, it's just nowhere to be found. Sad face.

--I was talking photography with one of my fellow FHans on twitter the other day that does what I would like to do, and my God, every time I talk photography with someone it motivates me to really want to try with it. But, that goes away. It's a bittersweet thing, that's for sure.

--Welp, now that I've wasted a good twenty minutes staring at the screen and typing every so often, I suppose I'll go do what I was supposed to be doing. :)

♪But, I can't leave with out backing my azz up...
so, you get the next 3 songs that comes on, on my MP3 player....




I wore yoga pants


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