Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Weigh In Wedneday
It's that time again...
even if this is happening at 10 pm.
Good thing I've never been a blog-at-a-certain-time kinda girl!
I'm getting back into using My Fitness Pal.
And complaining almost everyday about it.
It's soooo tedious. Especially when almost everything you eat at home is homemade, so you have to "Create A Recipe" then log in every. damn. ingredient, and then figure out how much of each is used and blah, blah, blah. (In a southern household, sometimes we don't measure, we just pour to taste...and so that make MFP a PIMA (pain in my ass) Laaazy me gets annoyed with that.
Also...while the scanner is a life saver so you're not typing it out and search through their database for what you need, I hate scanning everything before (or after) I make/eat my food. Mainly because when I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I don't want to wait to log it all in. Sometimes I just jot everything down and log it in later. But, another thing is questions. I don't like people getting all up in my business...not that I have too much business to even get into. Say I'm scanning my dinner & someone walks in the kitchen...
Them, "What are you doing?"
Me, "Scanning everything..."
Them, "...Why?"
Me, "To enter into an app that counts calories."
Them, "Why?"
Me, "TO SEE HOW MUCH OF A FATTY I AM To see how many calories I eat/day. To help me not be a pig and lose weight..."
Them, *snicker* (not to be confused with the candy bar)
See how annoying that seems? When you live in a house full of folks like I do.
Also,...what about things that can't really be too easily birthday cake? Or the restaurant I went to on Saturday night, it's not a big you can't look up the nutrition info. So, EFF!
But..then I realize, of what the fuck ever. I already said I wasn't going to obsess about it, and by God I'm not. I don't think I logged anything in over the weekend.. And that's fine. I also pretty much ALWAYS go over my intake allowance, and that's fine too. I'll have to get into the swing of things and I think I can naturally lower it just a wee bit.
That's what it for, for me, accountability.
But, I'm honest with it. lol I'm a snacker, and a mountain dew drinking. I log everything with approximately how much I eat, because I am NOT gonna measure every single thing I eat. Sorry, nope, no way.
My solutions for things I couldn't figure out a couple of times is to put it in the food notes. It obviously doesn't count the calories, but I'll know what I ate.
That's my damn rant about My Fitness Pal.
Weighing in....
Remember last weeks was "invalid", so I'll go from 2 weeks ago....
Two weeks ago: 161.2
Today: 160.5
Down 0.7
More importantly I'm right on the verge of being out of the 160's. If I would move my lazy ass, I could do it faster & easier!
In other news... I'm starting to feel better.
I decided not to go to that concert I was supposed to go to last night.
I feel bad for waiting until the day of but, when I came down to it I wasn't as excited as I normally get for a concert. I told her I didn't want to be the wet blanket and that she should probably find someone else to go. And she did.
She texted me a couple of times pretty much telling me that I didn't miss much and she wasn't sure she was even satisfied with it.
So, I really hope there are no hard feelings.
I'm really looking forward to this weekend.
I MAY be getting tickets to another concert on Friday. More on that later. (In other words, if I get them, you'll know...)
And this weekend is Gold Rush. Weekend long festival in my town. It's kind of a big deal. I look forward to it every. year. And Doug said we could get pumpkins to carve also, so hopefully that will happen. Whether we go to Burt's or just get some WalMart pumpkin, I don't care, I just wanna carve come punkins!
He's skipping opening weekend to spend the weekend with me since he knows I love Gold Rush. :-)
So, I have my fingers crossed for a great weekend!
That's all I got for ya.
Two posts today...yay.
Now it's time for Duck Dynasty.

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  1. It does get annoying trying to keep track of everything around people who are not on board with you! But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. :)


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