Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some new tasty stuff...and one not so tasty thing.

I'm not normally known for trying too many new things.
I'm a creature of habit.

But every so often something catches my eye & peaks my curiosity.
So I bite, no pun intended here.

Since I don't have a blog post idea, and again it's 9 p.m., I'll tell you about a few new things I've tried in the past couple of months.

1. Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza Rolls
The kickin’ taste of Buffalo style chicken made with Frank’s® Red Hot® rolled in a snackable crust.
I'm not really a wing eater, and I'm not really sure why but we won't bother with that. I bought these mainly for my husband or whoever else in the house. But when I noticed they weren't being touched. I decided to just try them myself. It's basically a buffalo wing, wrapped up. They're actually not too bad. And they're made with Frank's Red Hot Sauce.
My verdict: If you like buffalo wings & like snacks, give them a try. We'll definitely finish the bag & wouldn't be opposed to buying them again.

2. Starburst Candy Corn
A lot of people don't like candy corn (the "normal" kind) but, I do. I was looking through a Target sales paper one night a month or so ago & saw these & pretty much thought I must have them. And so I did.
My verdict: They're good. It's different at first, especially if you know (and like) what typical candy corn tastes like. But I love starburst & so I'm glad I tried these.

3. Grape Sunny D
I don't know how new this is but, I noticed it for the first time about a month ago. My husband is a grape lover, as am I, so it was almost a no brainer to try it. I've only drank one glass of it though but, it's still good. Need to finish it off.
My verdict: Good but, not like Juicy Juice good. If you like grape juice try it at least once.

4. Twizzlers Pull 'n' Peel Grape & Orange.
I'm not even going to attach a picture.
...just no. Don't do it. I don't recommend. It's an odd mixture of flavors. No! Stick with the cherry ones.

5. Trident Layers; Grape & Lemonade...(there seems to be a grape trend...)
I like Trident gum (as in it's the primary gum I buy) & I like most flavors. This one is new, as far as I know, and I had to try it.To me it tastes more like lemonade than grape. But you know what? That's alright. I give it a thumbs up.
My verdict: It's good. Try it!

6. Trident Layers; CANDY CANE!
Another new one, as far as I know because I have never seen this before, and it's Limited Edition. Just for the holiday season, I'm sure. But it's already in store. And I LOOVE IT! I mean, who doesn't love candy canes? (That was rhetorical...If you don't, please don't tell me, it's just better if I don't know.) Anyway, it tastes like a candy cane & kind of makes me ready for Christmas because I want a candy cane!
My verdict: Good! Why don't you have a pack yet?

Welp, there ya go, for the sake of having a post today. :)



  1. Ooo the candy cane one I have to try! Going to look for it.

  2. I tried the jalapeno popper ones and thought they were awful. Maybe I'll give those a shot! Have a great weekend!


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