Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend recap & doggie prayers.

Oh this weekend.
It was a pretty good one.
Doug went hunting & me...

I got wasted by myself Friday night.

Spent Saturday nursing a slight hangover (really just a headache and sour tummy) and spending the day out and about with my mom, dad, and granny & then it was home to watch THE MOST NERVEWRACKING GAME EVER!
My Dawgs. Holy piss. First of all, good game, the Vols fought.
However, we lost most of our starting offensive line up just in that game! SO SO BUMMED!
The game went into overtime and thanks heavens that the final Vols TD was overturned, because we won by a field goal. Once the game was over I just wanted to cry. It was that stressful.
I am proud of JJ Green though. He stepped up, with Gurley and Marshall both being out. I'm also sad to find out that Marshall is out for the season as well as Scott-Wesley and the verdict is still out on Bennett. I'm really, REALLY hoping he isn't out for the season.
And then my computer decided it didn't want to be friend with me, again. But I posted about that yesterday. I still haven't tried to use it again.

Sunday-yesterday- was spent getting groceries, making a couple of pies, and cleaning the laundry room/bathroom, the kitchen and the living room for company. Then straight into cooking supper. It was hectic and non stop, and completely worth it. It was for My Granny's birthday (which is today), and she got to pick what she wanted for supper and dessert (My peanut butter pie, instead of cake) and then I invited one of my uncles and his family (& they came!) and it was a great evening. Made her happy. We were still missing about 1/3 of the family (my niece, her mom, my nephew & my other uncle his wife & their grandson) but it was still good.
Then to make things even more great, the Bengals beat the Pats! AND the Broncos beat the Cowboys! WOO! Unfortunately the Lions lost.

The dust from cleaning yesterday was not friendly to me though, I don't usually get too bothered by dust unless there is a lot...and in some places there was a lot. I'm still feeling it today. Ugh.

Last night, I was laying in bed and decided to get on FB on my phone (which I'm about ready to throw at a wall) and noticed that my mother-in-law posted about her dog missing.
He went missing last night and still has not returned home.
I went up there to look around today and Doug is going to help look around now since he's off of work.
Please keep him/them in your prayers that he is found or returns home. She and my brother-in-law got him about 3 years ago after her husband (my BIL's dad, hubs' step-dad) passed away and he was huge in helping them heal. He's their baby (& ours) and I really just wanna cry. We are worried that he's either hurt or someone has him. It's just not like him to stay gone that long. So, I just want him to be found.♥

Anyway, that's all I got today. I have to hurry and eat and head two counties away to my nephews baseball game.


Before I go, I want to say Thank God that Baby Harper's heart surgery was successful. I keep Lora and her sweet family on my mind constantly. Keep those prayers head their way! Keep growing, little man!♥

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  1. Crossing my finger's that your mother's in law's "baby" is found safe and sound! We aren't able to have my little guy at our condo so he stays with my Parents and every now and again he tries to escape and it's my biggest fear that he will run off and they won't be able to find him (I swear he's looking for me). It's the scariest thing-- sending prayers your way! Happy Birthday to your sweet Granny! I'm glad some of you got to get together and honor her!


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