Friday, May 31, 2013


I'm glad it's Friday because even though it was short week, it's been a hectic one,..for my hubby at work.
Nothing in particular to talk about today, just rambles.

I checked our bank account. OUCH! I have got to get back on top of things real quicklike. It's too low for my comfort. Which means, hubby loves eating out for lunch will decline greatly & we are gonna have to be more mindful of what we buy. Ay-yi-yi. Money sucks doesn't it? It's great until you don't have anymore. Luckily today is payday for him so I won't be too stressed.

I sometimes wonder if the fact that I'm not a "morning blogger" bites me in the ass. I don't usually post at 7 or 8 or earlier unless it's scheduled, or unless I happen to actually be not only awake, but functioning then (which isn't entirely uncommon either). I just blog at random hours of the day,...or night and sometimes I feel like people look over it. Or their just not interested.

We're supposed to clean this weekend...How many times do I say that? Way too often for it to not have happened yet. We don't have any plans this weekend SO there will be some cleaning or I'll blow a gasket. If I can't have my own house yet, give me a damn functional basement apartment. Not just a bedroom and a bathroom.

Spiders. None of the men living here have sprayed the yard yet. I've seen more spiders than I care to, inside and outside. Not to mention if they don't get on it, we're gonna have a flea issue....and with 5 fur babies total in this house...a flea issue really is an issue.

We have a wedding to go to next weekend. I (like a typical girl) have nothing to wear. So I think after I drop my nephew off with his mom I'll shoot over to Gville & have a little solo shopping trip. Speaking of shopping, June means Mall of GA. I go get my ring cleaned every 6 months & while I can go to a store closer, it gives me an excuse to go to the mall, and I take it. I need to hit up Charming Charlie too. Anyone been there? LOVE IT! If you have one nearby, go! At least check it out.

I need a new book. I still have my Book Of Lost Things that I stopped reading so I could read The Happiness Project. But if you have any suggestions lets me know. I kind of want to reread The Great Gatsby.

I also need a scrapbook, so I'm thinking a trip to Michaels may also be on the agenda today! :-)

So yea, that's all I got.
TGIF, y'all!



  1. YES reread Gatsby! My FAVORITE. I'm currently rereading it now too!

  2. I love Charming Charlie!! I just wish I had the extra income to buy whatever I want.


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