Thursday, May 23, 2013

300/30 challenge & "Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?...

Turtle, turtle!"
(Name that movie!)

File:Eastern box turtle.jpg
Did you know that today is World Turtle Day?
That's okay, I didn't either until a couple of hours ago.
I like turtles.
I had one as a pet when I was little and I loved the little guy.
I also remember when I was a kid, my mom, dad, brother and I were coming home from somewhere are we passed the big ole thing in the road. We turned around and went back and it was a biiig turtle, I mean...big.
Anyway, it had been hit by a car apparently, the shells was broken and cracked, but  it was still alive. If I remember right, we put it in the bed of the truck and took it to our house, but it eventually died.
That affected me to the point where when I'm going down the road and I see a turtle, I will stop, or turn around (if it's safe and I'm able) and I'll get out and move it to the other side of the road. If there is someone else with me, there is a chance I'll make ask them get out and grab it, if I'm driving and they're willing.
I've even rubbed off on my cousin, I love to get a text with a picture of a turtle saying "saved this guy today." I love that she will do that now.

On World Turtle Day, I would like to ask you a favor.
Save a turtle!
Not just today, but any day. Any time you see one in the road, help it. Or at the very least don't hit it! (But also don't wreck! Avoid it safely, if able.)
They are fairly slow movers as we all know. And a lot of us humans, in our big ole cars don't pay attention to the little things on the road. If you do this move them the direction they are heading. The way I see it, they are headed that way for a reason, if you put them back on the side of the road they are facing away from, they are likely to turn around and try crossing the road again. I always moved them the direction they are facing.
(Be careful of any snapping turtles!)

And now that I've just preached about let's move on to something esle.

Like how I think Holly is maybe trying to kill me! lol I kid, I kid.
Holly initiated a challenge to lose the food baby. She propose that we do 300/30. Which is this workout courtesy of Courtney at The Petite Athleat! And we do it for 30 days. Take your before picture before you start day 1 and at the end of 30 days, take an after picture, to see your results. Visit Holly's blog to see her explain it & talk about a little incentive -a prize- for someone at the end of the 30 days.

Well, I decided to try out this challenge.
I took my before picture last night.
Today is/was day one, and I think I may die.
At the end of the work out, you will have done 300 ab & core workouts, in 15 minutes.
Here's how it went for me...
I'm pretty sure there are several that I didn't do 100% properly. But I'm completely out of, I have to work up to being able to do it 100% proper.  (Courtney's pictures make it look so....effortless, lol)
I feel it in other places. This is how I know I'm not doing them properly. Although I'm sure you are supposed to feel it a little in other places. My core doesn't hurt too much (right now anyways). But I feel it in my thighs and my back.
I also fell short on like 2 exercises. Again, gotta build endurance for it. But I did not omit any completely. I tried them all.
So, by the end of the workout, which took me longer than 15 minutes (which is normal for beginners, I'm assuming.) I had not done 300, but I did calculate it up, and I had done 236. Not too bad for my first day.
And I'm glad that I'm doing this during the day when my husband isn't home, and doing it in the privacy of my room, because I'm sure I look like a spaz trying to do it. lol 
The point is I did it!

After wards I decided to do just a few Kettle bell exercises, so ya know..I feel a little in my arms too.
And stairs are not my friends right now.
I don't know how I'm gonna work out with hubs once he gets home. Maybe I'll be good and rested and rarin' to go!
Or I might get out of it, we tossed around the idea of a date night tonight.
So we'll see.

Happy Thursday, y'all!
It's almost FRIDAY!


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  1. Man! Good for you with that workout!! Whew!
    And yes to the turtle thing.
    I swear... I always see turtles in the road.
    I always thought I was the idiot who pulled over and got out and made sure that no one hit the poor little thing. Glad to know that I guess that's a normal thing!


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