Monday, May 20, 2013

Billboard Awards & other T.V & Music randoms

So,...ya, the music lover,..I watched the Billboard Music Awards.
Did anyone else.
Not gonna do a full recap, just going to touch on a few things...

1. Kid Rock wins. I've always been a Kid Rock fan since "Cowboy"/ Devil Without a Cause . Love him. And his comment last night, PRICLESS!! You go Bob Ritchie!
2. I wasn't thoroughly impressed with many of the performances. The Top 2 of the night hands down go to Ed Sheeran and Prince. They were the best. of. the. night. Seriously Ed's voice is like angels singing. And Prince, well I hope those "artists" in the audience were taking notes.
3. The Biebs getting booed. Empathetic little me hates seeing people be booed (most of the time). But I am a little worried about Justin. He just seems like he's going through a lot lately, although I'm not quite sure what it is. I'm more so worried that his head, aka ego, is growing a little to large. One of the great things about him has always been his ability to always stay humble, I don't want him to lose that. All that said...Justin please don't go all diva on us in Atlanta in August and make us wait 2 hours later than planned to see you. Also, please don't lip-sync. Just,...don't. Imma tell you one time. Loved you the first time I saw you live, but that was also almost 4 years ago. Don't make my love for you that I sound a little like a creeper, let's move on shall we...
4. Taylor got 8 there's that....*crickets* Look, it's no stranger that I went through some bad blood with Taylor recently, what with her trying to get some new writing material about dating my British boyfriend and all. There really is a piece of my that still likes her and her catchy ass music. But... there are just some things you can take back. Like looking smug when you win awards over your exes band. It's really okay though, she is doing her damn thing. I'm gonna be eyeballing the next record though to see if there are any England inspired tunes. Let's just Thank God she didn't jump the gun and buy a house is London next to Harry. Cheerio, mate! (I should really just let it go, huh? lol)
5. Speaking of my British bf. They won 3 awards! The weren't broadcasted though, which is okay, I kind of figured that since they wouldn't be able to be there, being on tour and all. Congrats, 1D! I'll be seeing you in 4 weeks, 4 days & a few hours. But who's counting? I cannot wait to see my Harry, even though I'll be far away. :( I can still close my eyes and dream... Now that I've reached full creeper status...moving on again...
6. My mom and dad had a discussion about Nicki Minaj's ass. When a little some thing like this M:"Look at it, it looks like a big knot. It just, it's too much for how small she is.....You know it has to weigh he down." D: "Yea, but they like it." *during lap dance* M: "Really?" D: "She's a dirty dancer" lol. I'm paraphrasing of course, but you get it. Seriously though, girl's got a donk. I mean, is it real?
7. I think Tracy Morgan did pretty well at hosting.

And that's all I got for you. Mainly because that' all that is coming to mind...

In the T.V. world..
-Watching the awards meant missing North America, but thank goodness for DVR, right? Can't wait to watch the first 2 episodes.
-Since the first episode, I have missed Bates Motel & kicked myself for it. It was a show I really wanted to watch. So, I saw that there was a marathon on yesterday (since the season finale is tonight) SO, I DVR'd it...and them proceeded to stay up watching as much as I could from 1am to 5am. I'm done with 6 episode, so I have 3 left, plus the season finale.
-Girl Code. Anyone else watching this, cause it's genius! I never really got too into guy code, but Girl Code is on another level! So funny.
-Client List. Who doesn't love J.Love? She's always been a favorite of mine & she's one of my hubby's celeb crush. Anyway, I love this movie so of course when the show came out last year I was all over it! Season 2 is definitely not disappointing either. I get soooo into this show, it's ridiculous. Every week I can't wait until the next week.
-The Real World: Portland. Anyone else watching this? I'm a Real World junkie. There are only a few seasons I've missed. Can we talk about how crayyyzy Nia is. And she's from GA...I mean we're crazy here, but not all of us are that bad. Promise.
-RHOC. Vicki is having an identity crisis, that much is true. I don't like that she had so much work done. And I agree with Tamara that if it were "Wines by Vicki", Vicki would invest more time. I also hate that Heather and Terry are bickering so much. I like them. I hope the Reality TV curse doesn't ruin them.
I'll stop there...
I told you before I'm a reality TV junkie...I genuinely love T.V/movies.

Going back to music...
What I've been listening to lately...
1D- both albums.
Fall Out Boy- Save Rock and Roll
Framing Hanley- All songs.
Ed Sheeran- +
Cher Lloyd- Sticks and Stones (I like a pretty good bit of British artists.)
Demi Lovato- Heart Attack, it's so catchy & she's great.
Florida Georgia Line- Cruise. & the remix with Nelly is fabulous too!
And whatever mixture the radio wants to spit at me.
And my MP3 player too, on shuffle. Always a little surprise.

Next 20 Song Shuffle:
1. Steve Earle- Copperhead Road.
2. Backstreet Boys- The One
3. Pretty Ricky- Never Let You Go
4. Saliva- Always
5. Wilson Phillips- Hold On
6. Transmit Now- The Last Thing
7. Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet- It's 5 o'clock Somewhere
8. Uncle Kracker- No Stranger To Shame
9. Disturbed- Stupify
10. B.G.- Bling, Bling
11. Korn- Fuck That
12. Miranda Lambert- Famous In A Small Town
13. Puddle of Mudd- She Hates Me
14. 504- Wobble Wobble
15. James Otto- For You
16. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- Into The Great Wide Open
17. Carrie Underwood- Last Name
18. Rage Against the Machine- Bulls On Parade
19. Pretty Ricky- Juicy
20. Avant- Makin' Good Love Remix w/ BTNH

This is what happens when I want to blog but don't have much to talk about. lol You get a long, random post about T.V & music. I'm starting to write down blog ideas again though. Now I really need to give my dog a haircut, so I think I'll go do that now.

Happy Monday, Loves!

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  1. I didn't watch the awards but wish I had - sounds like there was some drama! I heard about Justin being booed! I'm a little worried about him too, seems like he's heading down the wrong path lately!!


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