Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh hey, here's the missing blogger, back on Wednesday of course.

I got my computer back and I'll be damned if the McAfee didn't start giving my troubles...again
Anyway, all should be good now.
*fingers crossed*
So, of course I'm back for what has seemed to become my regular Wednesday post.
So for a little update first. What I thought was strep last week turned out to just be a bad cold, which I still haven't fully gotten rid of, but it's on it way out, I can feel it. Around Friday I became nauseous & had some um,...quick trips to the bathroom for the next day or two. Mother's Day was fantastic even though I was still sick. Since we weren't able to buy our moms anything yet, we all got together at my mother in laws & I cooked dinner for everyone. We had chicken enchiladas, tacos (for my bro & Doug's bro who aren't too into trying new stuff all the time), corn, rice & salads. Everything turned out great & then once my parents & bro left, Doug & I stayed longer and played Phase 10 with my mother- & brother- in-law. Which I dominated in, might I add!
Anyway, about halfway through the day Sunday, Doug started to feel sick. We were both sick on Monday & because I had pounded meds into him, he felt WAY better yesterday. :D & So did I.
My tooth pit still isn't closed by up completely but I'm starting to eat normal again. :D
I think we are getting back to normal!
Hope everyone else had a great Mother's Day!

Robin hasn't posted yet today so I'm not sure if I Can't Believe... is happening or not, but I know she has a lot on her mind/plate at the moment so that's more than okay. And, she can still be positive, like talking about the things that make her happy & that my friends is why we love her so much! :-) If you haven't met Robin, you should.

 I can't believe... all the trouble my computer has given me.
I can't believe... the week I've had with sickness.
I can't believe... that our anniversary is creeping up on us.
I can't believe... how much money Doug & I spent last week, ouch.
I can't believe... I haven't eaten (ate?) anything yet. Should probably get on that!

Well, last week I had said how my hubs & I started on 2 workouts, but then I went to the dentist and that put me outta commission for a couple of days. WELL, we didn't pick back up until yesterday.
Once I started getting better, he go sick. You can call it an excuse or not, I don't care. When I feel shitty, I don't wanna do anything, he's the same way.
ANYWHO! As I said we picked back up yesterday & we did the same 2 workouts. We were both ready for it. We started over in the crunch challenge since we had one done one day of it. So,...yeah, there's that.
So I'll just get to the weigh in.

Last Week: 160.1
This Week: 156.7
Down:  3.4

Of course I'm happy to see this, but I'm also realistic. The diet called "Get A Tooth Pulled & Not Eat Regularly" works, but I don't recommend it. I have also gone a week & day (but who's counting?) without Mountain Dew- because I've had to avoid drinking out of straw. That will change, as soon as I'm comfortable using a straw that sweet taste will be mine again. I want it in my mouth...
As I said before, I'm finally starting to eat normal again. My first complete meal was Mother's Day & I've been pretty okay on eating since. 
Realistically, I won't be surprised if this number goes back up a little, of course I'd like to see it stay or go lower, so we'll see which way it goes. :)

Also I just want to bring to attention something.
As a SAHW, I watch Katie almost every day. I think everyone should watch the episode that came on yesterday. It's about hidden a eating disorder (not anorexia or bulemia) but it's called "Disordered Eating." And it talks about just being obsessed with food and what you eat & calories & worrying about how much you eat, how much you need to workout to counter act that and blah blah blah. I really think a lot of women fall into this category & don't even know it. It talk about other things too, healthy snacks, the way women view themselves, etc. It was just a really good episode for women. I definitely think that if you have the time, watch it for sure! It's one of those that will make you think about it and if it applies to you, etc. And, again, I think it will apply to lots of women.
The link below is to the site, you can find the videos there. It breaks it up into different videos, but maybe you can search around and find the entire episode in one video! :)
Could you have a hidden eating disorder?

Happy Humpday!


  1. GIRL! You are doing so good with the weight loss thing!
    Hope you (and your computer lol) are feeling better!!
    I've been missin you, thanks for the update! =D

  2. My best gal pal and I always joke that being sick is always 'good for a few pounds'.
    Hope you are feeling totally better soon!


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