Tuesday, May 21, 2013

With my anniversary coming up...

I'm gonna finally post some back history about Doug and I.
A bit of a preface of it....they might be long, so bear with me.
I'm going to break them up into a different posts, so they'll post over several days.
My story telling can be sporadic. I like to write, but it tends to turn out like that because I find myself wanting to condense it. Let's face it, if I were including all details it would be WAY longer because I'd want to include every detail, and would just seem way more drawn out than necessary. So bear with me on that, also.
I don't think I've posted about any of this, so I hope you guys enjoy accompanying me on my trip down memory lane.

I probably won't post them until the first week of June, which is the week leading upto our anni.
So for now I'm just kinda getting my thoughts down and in order.

Cool? Cool.

I also have other post ideas, if I can just actually just make myself write about them.

Just want to take a minute to thank everyone who hangs around and to anyone who actually reads my posts about my day to day life. And I really want to say thanks to those who comment. They really do make my day. I love developing friendships with my readers. Don't be shy, lets chat!

Does anyone have a blog FB page? Is it worth it to have one?

I really don't have anything to talk about today.
I've thrown my sleep off just a bit & so I'm a little blah.
I'm still looking for Pinterest projects to do, and I think I'm about to take on doing 2 projects from Framing Hanley.
I got a little down on myself last night. It always happens when I'm searching for jobs online. I just get discouraged and it's a snowball effect. So..yea. I need a little bit of busy body work. I rebounded fairly quickly and I'm in good spirits today. I'm just tired.
I'm also gonna double up on working out instead of waiting for Doug to get home. Since guys tend to lose weight faster, I told him I would do some during the day and then also do what we do when he gets home.
Pretty sure my weight will be up tomorrow as opposed to what it was last week.

So yea...there's my ramblings of the day.

Haha...that's about all I got.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


  1. I love reading your blog! And I can't wait to read your posts about you and your hubby!!

  2. I love reading your blog & I am so backed up! But, YES... I want to read a preface to your relationship!!! =) Love preface stories!


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