Sunday, May 19, 2013

Currently on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

We have been struck with more rain the past couple of days so today is pretty much Lazy Sunday.
I've seen everyone do these currently posts every so often so I figured, why not? It'll give me something to talk about,...maybe. ;)

Currently I am....

Listening to my mp3 player... current song: One Direction- She's Not Afraid

Reading... aside from the many tabs on my computer screen... The Happiness Project still. I'm close to being finished though.

Drinking water.

Into flowers and plants more than usual. I've been wanting to change up some of the flowers around here. I think it's coming from my EXTREME urge to have my own place to be able to do this too.

Thinking about all kinds of things. My mind is everywhere. I need to do dishes & laundry, figure some out for Dougs birthday, figure something our for our anniversary, what do to for my birthday, my nephews birthday, etc....

Writing a grocery list & jotting down some of the things on  my I said, it's all over the place.

Wishing my nose would stop being stuffy....good things is, I'm not sick anymore, now it's just allergies. :-) Also wishing I could have won a sliver of the lottery.

Wearing pjs! Soffes & a tank & tee!

Watching nothing at the moment. But The Billboard Awards come on tonight. Also "North America" on the Discovery channel.

Wanting to go see Steve-O this weekend, still trying to kind of talk my hubs into it. A vacation with my man. To workout. (I know, what's wrong with me? ;-) ) And a Mountain Dew, bad.

Excited about F&F 6 this weekend, been waiting over a year! And super excited that F&F 7 is scheduled out on my birthday next year! One of my FAVORITE franchises, I've been an avid watcher/follower since the first one. LOVE. & Seeing One Direction next month!

Needing to really get to planning everything coming up. Also needing to make a decision & then gather everything to go ahead and get ready to update my ID.

Ready for the next few months June: Hubby's birthday month, Our anniversary month, One Direction show. Summer!  July: my birthday month. August: My nephew turn 10, eek. And preseason football kicks off! YAY! & then FALL!

Contemplating what phone to get next. My contract will be over in August & my HTC has served it's purpose. I'm leaning towards the Samsung Galaxy S4...hell I'd even go for the S3...Anyone have any thoughts on them??

Feeling content. There are definitely a few things that could get better, but for the most part I'm pretty well content.

Hoping that this upcoming week is good for my hubby at work, myself, and all of you! Now I'm gonna get off of here and start brainstorming ideas for all of the things that I need to start planning.


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