Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's time to weigh in and I just wanna eat!

Lemme tell you something. I am SO hungry. I want Taco Bell, Sbarro's, Chicken tacos, a hamburger, some hot fries, a milkshake, a mountain dew, some French fries, a steak. Y'all I just want food. Solid food! I haven't eaten anything since before noon yesterday & I am STARVING! I'm about to break into some ice cream though. Looking forward to getting back to normal, hubs said he'd take me to get some Taco Bell, d'awwww!

I can't believe... the week I've had! Ay-yi-yi! Last Wednesday I got a toothache, by Friday a knot had formed about the troublesome tooth & I had to wait until Monday to call around to dentists. I have a fear of dentists so it was a bit overwhelming. I had no luck Monday. So, Tuesday I called 2 other offices to get prices & made an appointment. I went in yesterday at 130 & left by about 2:45 or 3 with one less tooth. She wanted to pull it because it was a pretty big infection from the way she talked. I was fine with that because it's been broken for years. In all honesty it should have been gone forever ago. Bad dental care on my part. (I've always had bad teeth.) Anywho! So I'm leaving the dentist and I start to feel my throat becoming raw, and wouldn't you know I woke up today with what I'm pretty sure is strep. Thank God the dentist gave me antibiotics for the infection in my mouth cause now it will help with my throat, assuming it's strep. So yea...haha.

I can't believe... I've been able to stay in as much of a positive state as I have with all of that going on. Like, I feel fine mentally. haha, but physically I'm hurtin'.

I can't believe... how lucky I am to have the hubby that I do!

I can't believe... my mind is so blank...well actually I can. Pain medicine.

I can't believe... how behind I am on blog reading, especially Erin Disney trip. Gonna go catch up on that now!

Well alrighty, it's that time again.
Husband and I have been wanting to walk -outside- but it rained here from about last Tuesday or Wednesday til Monday. Super ridiculous. (Lake Lanier is above full pool again! -silver linings, folks.)
Last week, Wednesday I think it was, I bought a big ball & a jump rope! And on Saturday night we checked prices for a new backboard & rim for the basketball goal up at his moms. We're gonna replace the old one so that we can play around whenever we're up there, & it'd be something my brother in law can do outside, too. I spent last Thursday or Friday...I don't remember... printing out some of my workout pins. I bought a binder and sheet protectors & bam! We have a workout binder.
Monday we both decided to try some workouts. We only did 2 different ones.
This one:
I'm kinda sad though because we're already off track with this. Monday was day one, yesterday was day 2, but we didn't do it because...well when you get a tooth yanked out you don't always wanna workout afterwards. It's not an excuse, it's just the reason we didn't do it, but it'll be okay. We'll just pick up day 2 soon. :) I wonder how far we can get in it. lol
And then we did part of this one:
We cut out the push ups & crunches. The push-ups because we were working in limited space & crunches because we did the first day of the crunch challenge first. We did it all though, from 10 to 1 of the jumping jacks, squats, and jump ropes....and we are still feeling it mainly in our thighs.
And like I said we didn't do anything yesterday.
All in all, I'm proud of us, still truckin' along.
Doug said that after the crunch challenge he expected to look that that picture. LOL! He crayyzay.
All that said, my weight is just slowly falling little by little.

Last Week: 160.9
This Week: 160.1
Down: .8

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. :)

Is blogger being a jerk to anyone else today? It's just not wanting to do right for me. I'm not sure if the links attached to the picture for the link ups. If not, I'm sorry!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Hope your mouth starts to feel better soon!! At least you have all those lovely pain meds!! =)

    Those are good ideas for workouts! Thank you for posting that! I may use those! =)


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