Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weighing in while eating Pizza Rolls.

 It's Link-up Wednesday.

I can't believe...

...Doug & I still haven't been keeping up with the crunch challenge. The shit's not gonna work if we keep taking 4 to 5 rest days. lol 
...The end of the school year is almost hear.
...I'm actually going to suck it up and miss seeing Steve O this weekend. Shhhh, can you hear that? It's my heart breaking. tired I've been the last couple of days. It's like I can't fully wake up. -_- Gotta fix that.

Last week: 156.7
This week: 158.5
Up: 1.8

I called this. Being sick, having a tooth pulled and not being able to eating for a week will make for some good weight loss. And then your diet returns to normal.
I mean, I'm chowing down on Pizza Rolls at the moment. Yum.
No biggie though.
It's idiotic to beat yourself up about something to the point of worthlessness. Dieting is something I never ever beat myself up about aside from saying, "maybe I should have ate that." But it quickly goes away.
Weightloss is different. Not so much weightloss, but weight gain.
But again, it's not going to matter pouting. It would be different if I was completely obsessed with it.
And I'm not.
If you are, you shouldn't be.
Obsessed can be quite a strong word. Be passionate about a lifestyle change.
Be dedicated.
But don't do it to a fault.
Learn to love yourself now, and then you can love yourself more once you see the changes happening. Not to mention, you'll be extremely proud of yourself. Obviously.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Happy Humpday, Beautiful Ladies.
Love yourself today, and every day!


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  1. I completly LOVE your attitude towards weightloss and excercise. I wish I could sit here guilt free and lie that I haven't beaten myself up over those matters but who would I be kidding?


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