Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hey hey hey...

It's Faaaaat Albert.

Okay not really.

I'm still alive. Closer to having my computer back. Hopefully by the end of the week. *fingers crossed*

Ready for some randomosity...(?) lol

--I had a great weekend. Celebrated my Daddy's 51st birthday with the family & house sat for my mother in law.
--I've had a toothache since about Wednesday I think.
A bump or knot formed above a problem tooth which of course scared me & basically forced me to suck it up and face my dentist phobia. I have an appointment today at 1:30. Scared would be an understatement. I'm hoping she's not a bitch & she won't scare me away from the dentist for another almost 10 years because I have a mouth full of mess that needs to be worked on BAD! Back on topic though, I hope this little bump is just nothing & it either treatable or will go away on its own.
--It has been raining her for a week. A WEEK! Until today, so nice to see sunshine & blue skies!
--I'm almost a month out from mine & hubs anniversary. This one is a big deal for me.
I also realize that I haven't really ever talked too much about our relationship or wedding. I might pepper May with a few stories about it leading upto my anniversary. Of course, it all depends on getting my damn computer back.
--You'll also be seeing me talk about April for the first handful of posts. Dang it! I'm about 7 months into blogging, & I hate when I can blog when I want to!
--I got a lamp for my bedside table! Big deal right there! haha. I don't think I've had a lamp in forever...(if ever...) it's always been a fish tank. So, I'm happy to have a lamp. lol
--Can we talk about how ridiculous Kailyn was on the Teen Mom 2 check-up last night?
--Anyone heard about the High School in Georgia that's under scrutiny because of the 2.5 hour student led prayer session??? Yea that's my high school. I'm proud of those students, my husbands cousin was actually one of the ones who was saved during it. I'm not overly religious & I get why people are saying it shouldn't have happened -kinda-...but in the same sense if you're needing direction & seek it from a teacher, there is nothing wrong with that. & there was no student there who didn't have permission to be there. The news gets shit twisted. As we all know.
--I'm stalling from getting ready, as if that is a good idea...
--I'm happy.
WOAH, what?! ;)
--I will be back tomorrow for weigh in Wednesday & to tell some of the things that I just can't believe...


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  1. I read your post title like Fat Albert before even clicking it. Just sayin'. ;)


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