Friday, May 17, 2013

April, Part 1-Checking Mr. Aldean off the list...

So after being so annoyed with almost a month worth of computer issues, I almost threw out the idea of even blogging about April, but I can't it was just too good. So, I'll just get it over quickly. As in I think I'll do 3 posts, all today, to just knock it out. Nothing too awful long winded. Gonna try to be short, sweet and too the point.

April was pretty amazing to me, I can't deny that at all.
I was able to blog throughout April but not in detail because I was using a borrowed computer which means I had NO pictures on it.
Weekend one was great because Doug & I house sat. Alone time=amazing, duh.
So let me just pick up on Weekend 2...

So 2 days after the tornado, my hubs and I headed down to Athens to UGA for a once in a lifetime concert experience. 
We bought tickets back in the fall of 2012, because Doug & I both decided we couldn't miss this.
There has never been a concert held at UGA/ on/in Sanford Stadium.
The fact that we would be among thousands attending this was amazing.
The fact that it was at the Home of the Georgia Bulldogs made it even better!
The line-up was Thomas Rhett, Jake Owen, Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean.
The concert was so amazing.
Thomas did great starting everyone up, Jake did awesome getting everyone moving, Luke wore everyone out and Jason finished off the night with a bang.
That's about the best way I can put it!

A little back story on WHY I was so excited and determined to see Jason...
Back in 2004 or '05, I had planned to go to the Cumming Fair to see Jason Aldean and Josh Gracin. This is when Jason was still new. I had just seen Miranda Lambert & Tracy Byrd at the fair & Jason & Josh were supposed to perform 2 days later, I believe. Well, that day comes and it's raining. Well I didn't want to go in the rain (even though the stage/crowd area is covered), so we didn't go and I've kicked myself in the ass for it ever since. I vowed that I WILL see him live one day. Couple opportunities came and went & then this popped up and it was just perfection. So happy to have finally see him, even if I did have to way 7-8 years later & pay over $100/tic. So beyond worth it. And he ended the night with Hicktown, so my 24 y/o & my 15/16 y/o (or however old I was) self was extremely happy!
AND I got to see Luke Bryan shake it, I mean HELLO! (And let me tell you, if you have never seen him live, DO IT. Homeboy can dance. I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't standin' there slackjawed a time or two).
And the fact that my husband was so happy and had so much fun made it even better for me!
All acts were amazing, I definitely recommend all of them.
& :-)
My Love & I

Buses & Jason & Luke sightings.
Stadium filling up, Stadium mid-concert & Stadium toward the end of the night.

Thomas Rhett
Jake Owen

During Luke
Luke (Yes, I cheated & took pictures of the screen. :-) )
Time for Jason
Jason & Luke doing "That's The Only Way I Know"
Then this happened, LUDA! He came out to sing "Dirt Road Anthem"

I'll mention that Kelly Clarkson also made an appearance, sort of. Jason sang "Don't You Wanna Stay" and Kelly appeared in the back corner of the stage for get part. Now...a lot of people say it was really her, a lot of people say it was a hologram. I am not sure what it was. But it was still cool.
I don't have a picture of the shirt I bought. But I love it.

And so there it is, weekend 2 of April.


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  1. So beyond jealous of this all! I'm seeing Luke June 1st! Cannot.contain.excitement.any.longer. eep!!!


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