Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Bucket List. What's on yours?

Linking up with the lovely Holly & her friend Trista for to share my Summer Bucket List!

I KNOW I'm leaving things off.
I know I'm going to read around and see tons of things that I normally would have put on my list.
BUT, this is a last minute thought up thing, so consider it incomplete!
I'm also THAT girl who is all, "it's actually still Spring, Summer doesn't start for almost a month." So, suppose this is an End of Spring/Summer list for me. :)
Might not get to do it all, but doesn't hurt to have things in mind! ;)

Night Fishing- One of my childhood memories is night fishing as a family. I've been wanting to go again.
Cook Outs- Self explanatory, pretty much.
Concert- That should really be multiple. I know for sure I'm going to two, One Direction & JB. But I'll take more than that!
Clean/ Work on Basement- clean out, paint, get a couch, decorate, live.
4th of July- Not sure what we're going to do this yea, but a replay of last year would almost be fine by me.
Family Time- Self explanatory.
Go Outside- Lay out, walk, play, whatever. Just try to be outside more.
Drink & Relax- I don't drink (I mean realllly drink) that often anymore. I could use a tipsy kind of night.
Falcons Practice- The training complex where they practice is about 30ish minutes away. I want to go to at least one practice. I kind of want to watch them practice with the Bengals. :) (&then let's not forget the START OF FOOTBALL SEASON!!! WOOOOO!!!)
Scrapbooking/ DIY- I know I'm doing a scrapbook, so I'm hoping that kick starts me getting back into it.
Stone Mountain- Never been. But we're going!
Movies- Date nights, duh! I'd love to go to a drive-in!
Zoo- Love animals. Haven't been to the Zoo ATL in a hot minute. But what's also sad is we actually have a small zoo 5 minutes from my house. I need to hit it up also.
Doug's Birthday- Don't know what we're gonna do, but it's in a week and a day!
Lose Weight- ...well there's that we'll see how it goes.
Atlanta- I want to do at least one thing in Atlanta that I've never done. (Which is A LOT)
My Birthday- Not sure what we're doing for it either, but EEK!
Weekender (or 2)- This is our vacations. lol We usually only do 3 maybe 4 days, and we call them weekenders. I really want to go to FL, or Gatlinburg/PForge, or maybe even back to Savannah, or maybe somewhere else. Ya know, just a weekender or 2!
Celebrate- Our Anniversary, Father's Day, My Brother's Birthday, My Besties Birthday, My Nephew's Birthday, My Cousin's Birthdays, Love, Happiness, Life. EVERYTHING!

So yea, that's about all I got right now.
What's on YOUR summer list?!


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  1. Sounds like you have a great summer planned! Thanks for linking up!


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