Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fast 6 & Hangover 3

We fed the box office this weekend.
Saturday, my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, husband, nephew and myself went to see Fast 6.
I think I mentioned the other day that this in one of my favorite movie franchises.
& if not, I'm saying it now.
I'm a car lover. Thank my Daddy for that.
So, Fast 6 did not disappoint me.
I left with an adrenaline rush & wasn't aloud to drive.
(Side note: when Dukes of Hazzard came out in the theaters years ago, we went to see it. After leaving I found myself easily driving 100mph down the highway without realizing it.)
And can I just say that the writer of this movie & I must share a brain, there were parts in the movie that I totally predicted. Not because it was predictable, but because that's what I wanted to happen!

It was so cute to see Brian & Mia become parents, I'll be interested to see where their characters end up.
The big deal for me was Letty being back in the picture!
I remember actually crying in the theater when she died. (I get invested into these movies, and her character was a favorite of mine! haha)
(This isn't a spoiler, because if you watched and paid attention to the last on you saw where Hobbs was given a photo of her.)
There was another part that kind made me sad (for one of the characters) but in theory, it was a big puzzle piece.
They are doing an amazing, amazing job at tying all the movies together.
As anyone who follows them might know that it's been confusing being as 2 characters have died, yet are still in the newer movies.
Trust me, the puzzle all pulls together and it's awesome.
 On the way home Doug & I pieced everything together & it left me SO excited and so curious for the next one. We already have a theory of how we think it might go, or who it might involve (& the theory of how I want it to go, or who I want it to involve.)
I'm REALLLLLY hoping the screenwriter/story writer/director/whomever does something along the lines of what we are thinking.
Maybe they should just see this & get with me and I'll share my ideas. HAHA, yeah, right!
I'm loving that they are not really straying from the story lines and that every movie has a place in the franchise. (referring to that one "random one that didn't seem to fit in to the rest", aka Tokyo Drift, it totally fits in.)

If you like/love these movies and were wondering if you should see this one, I definitely recommend it.
I give it an A++ (even if I am biased.)
If you have for some reason never seen any one these but kind of want to see this one, I strongly recommend watching all of the other ones first.
The ONLY small con, is there was a bit more fighting action as opposed to driving action. It was good, no doubt, but some would say they are getting away from the driving/car aspect of the whole thing. Which, as we know, plays a HUGE part in these movies. So I'm hoping in the next, it will come back around a little more. And in my opinion, it could go either way.
If you do go see it, don't leave immediately. Some one the credits will roll & then there is another clip. It's a huge puzzle piece. ;)
And there will be another one. Fast & Furious 7 is set to release on July 11, 2014. (aka My Birthday, next year! Best. Gift. Ever!)

And thennnnn,

Yesterday, Doug & I went on a day date to see Hangover 3.
This one did a good job at rounding out The Hangover franchise. (This is supposed to be the last.)
Gonna start of by saying the first one will always be the best.
The second was a little...ehh...but still pretty good.
This one is good. It definitely has it's funny moments.
It followed the other 2 in the sense that there was a missing person (kidnapping/hostage) and then a mission to get said person back.
The difference between this one and the other two is that the other two start off from them waking up with a Hangover and trying to remember what the hell happened...this one doesn't necessarily start out like that.
Mr. Chow also plays a bigger part in this one, kind of like the second one.
It does all tie together & ends with a happy ending.

And then there is the, um...twist?
Makes me wonder if they are leaving with a HUGE cliffhanger or there will be another movie, but maybe under a different name/new franchise.

At any rate. If you are one of those that are super picky about spending money on going to see movies in theaters then wait til the weekend and see the Matinee since it's cheaper. Or if your a tightwad, you might be able to wait for DVD release (which I'm assuming will be coming out in October or November)
If you like this franchise, go see it.
I give it an A.
It made me laugh & like I said it rounded out the trilogy.
With that being said...if you go see it, don't leave right away. Some of the credits will roll & then there is a clip. This is the "twist" I was talking about. And it had me in tears laughing.

Okay, I'm done playing movie critic I guess.

Doesn't feel like a Tuesday does it?!
Have a good one!


  1. My husband wanted to go see Fast 6 this weekend but I wasn't feeling up to going into town. However, I do want to see this movie too! Just made me that more excited to go see it.

  2. I want to see both of these, they're on my list!

  3. We debated on both of those and ended up at Hangover 3. My husband hated it. I thought it did a good job wrapping things up, but it was kinda eh compared to the others.

  4. both are awesome movies i love fast series.funny images

  5. best are furious 6 i really love this movie.
    funny clips


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