Friday, May 17, 2013

April, Part 3- Augusta for my boys♥

Weekend 3, or should I say that Friday -26th- was kind of a last minute thing.

It's no surprise I love Framing Hanley. :-)
Well I had missed 2 opportunities to see them already, once in February and once in March.
SO, this time, I refused. Only I didn't have anyone to go with me since it was on a Friday.
So I asked Carla, and of course she was down.
So that Wednesday I booked the room & bought the tickets.
& Friday after she got off of work we headed out on the 3 hr adventure to Augusta.
Another place in GA I had never been to.

We made there with enough time to check in, finish getting ready & head out to find the venue.
We got to the venue a little early, before they opened (which means we rushed for no reason). But that's okay, it's always good the be one of the first ones there.

Got in, sat down & was watching the draft until showtime on a pull down screen they had.
I spotted Ryan at the merch stand so we walked over to say hey and ask how everything was goin', was able to tell him Congrats on his engagement in person, & go ahead and buy our shirts. Then I talked to a guy who I had met in Atlanta last year, who is also a FHan, & then we grabbed a spot right at the stage and waited for everything to start.
The first act was, interesting. They weren't terrible.
The second act was "Suberbob". They were so good! I even bought their CD. They make me think of P.O.D. (remember them, don't ya?) Have kind of a rock/rap type sound (more rock, of course).
& Then it was finally time for my boys!
There is nothing like the feeling of being at a show when it's an artist/band that you just absolutely l-o-v-e.
Everything melts away & you're so in the moment & for that time, everything is okay.
After the show we sat on the edge of the stage and let the line to talk to/see/buy merch from them go down.
By then it was about 1am, Carla was getting antsy & wanted to get to Taco Bell before it closed, so once the line was gone we jumped up & I went over to talk to them. Talked to Nixon for a few about the fundraiser, the new album and the music video; & then to Chris about his wifey & baby. Then everyone got in for a picture & gave my hugs and said my goodbyes. I didn't get any one on one with Brandon or Luke, but that's okay.
We made it to Taco Bell & after getting $20 in food, we headed to the room, pigged out & passed out.
My heart was content.
Saturday was spent driving home & then relaxing with my love.
It was good, not too awkward between Carla & I, considering our on-and-off-again state that we've been in.
& Sunday was just a Sunday, lovely. :)

L to R: Chris, Luke, Ryan (back), Me, Nixon, Carla, and Brandon
Love, love, love this picture. This is the first one that I've got EVERYONE in it. The only thing I would change is I'd be in it solo. I know that sounds bad & if Carla saw this she would probably take it personally, but I don't mean it that way. I just want a picture with them solo. But there will be other chances. ;-)

It was the best ending to such a great month.
My heart was so full and content from that night, and from the whole month.
April was amazing to me.
I'm definitely blessed.


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