Saturday, July 27, 2013

List Progress Report (link-up)

Do you have a bucket list, summer bucket list, 30 before 30, 101 in 1001, or any other general list of goals?
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This is the first one.
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Stealing Stephanie's idea of bold=completed, italics= in progress.

I'll talk about my My Summer Bucket List first.

Cookouts- We've had one cookout, but if you count any of the times we've grilled supper, we've had several. ;-)
4th of July- How vague? haha. It was good, that's actually when we had the cookout, at my mother-in-laws, and then we did our own personal fireworks.
Family time- Definitely been happening, and still is.
Concert- One Direction, baby. You can read about that here. I am still wanting to go back to that night. And I'm seeing the Biebs, again, in 2 weeks. 
Movies- since I've made this list we've only been to one movie and it was "Grown Ups 2". Great movie. If you liked the first one you'll probably like this one! Hoping to get a few more in. I really want to see The Conjuring.
Doug's Birthday/My Birthday- Were both successes.
Drink & Relax- I've drank more in the past year or two....I don't know if that's good thing or a bad thing. I'm going with slightly bad since I've gained weight instead of losing. But it's whateva! I feel good...(other than the weight thing...)
Celebrate- check! :-) Today is actually my besties bday.♥

So yea...I think that's about it so far for that one. Falcons practices just started this week, so I'll have to check their schedule and see if I can make it to one.

Onto my 30 Before 30.

Get a job- will always be in progress until I get one.

Grow as a photographer- Is another that I believe is always in progress. I'm still working on figuring my camera out more and more.

Have a wild encounter- I already know prices of one I want to do, I'm trying to get info for another and then I can make a decision as to which I want to do (or which one I want to do first ;-) )

Build our savings account to a certain amount- I still don't have a goal amount. But call me Suzie Saves-a-lot. I'm a saver (well, most of the time.) So, this is another that's always in progress. I'm doing the 52 weeks saving plans as well as my own systems, read more here.

De-clutter-..I'm not even going to really put this as in progress just yet. I'm starting with my spare room, which contains about 28 boxes (IOW-the whole room is nothing but boxes) of my childhood, basically. I have an idea of what I want to do to start out with nd with my net being kind of down right now it'd be a great time to get hopefully there will be more on this next month! :-) That is the room that will be my scrapbook/craft room, so it kinda needs to be done, as of like a month ago. :-p

So, yeah...nothing fully completed on my 30 Before 30 yet, but it's cool!



  1. Excellent progress on the summer goals! And to be fair, you did just post the 30 before 30, so I think that's a pretty good start, getting things in order!

  2. Love your goals! I really need to get my 30 before 30 written up before I turn 25! I think it's such an excellent thing to do to keep yourself motivated. Seems like you are having a great summer so far! I'm so jealous of all those concerts! =)

  3. I totally feel you on the get a job goal. I honestly thought it was never going to happen for me but you gotta keep at it!!!! Love the lists :)


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