Friday, July 26, 2013

I still exist.

We are in limbo with our internet so I'm practically internet-less.
I'm only able to do this because I came to my mother-in-law house so I could do a couple of things.
It's midday Thurs., so I figured I'd type it up & schedule it to post Friday.

It sucks. I don't like being totally disconnected. It leaves me with far too much time for thinking if I have absolutely nothing to do.

But what happened was...
Basically we upgraded our net.
In less than a week (4 or 5 days to be exact) we had apparently use almost 6Gigs of net..
We returned it and went back to what we had.
ANNNNDD now that one isn't even connecting.

They are supposed to be checking it out in the next couple of days.
Sending trucks out to check the towers (I'm assuming) or whatever.
So, we should hopefully know by Sunday what's going on.

That being said.

I'll probably be sporadic over the next week-ish.
If it's not resolved then I'll probably actually be kind of absent.
(I will at least have a few days of net access next week, we're house sitting for a few days.)

I'm still here though.
Thanks to everyone who is still around.
You're awesome!

I'll have A LOT of catching up to do with reading once I have more time! So If I comment on a post a week after it was posted, you'll know why! :)

OH! And ATTENTION anyone with a 30 Before 30, or 101 in 1001, or Bucket List or ANY kind of list that you are doing.
My girl Steph is hosting a once a month link up to talk about progress, or updates, or anything involving your list. The first one will go live tonight at 7pm (central time) & will be live for a week! So, go visit her & link up! Share your list, talk about progress, and see what great things and goals other people are striving towards! :)

TGIF & shit!


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