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About Me...I'm a Cancer.

First & foremost, just wanna let you  know that you get two posts today!
Because I'm a giver, even on MY birthday, I'll give YOU the gift of two posts.
Yep, that's right, today is My Birthday.
My 30 Before 30 list will be posted soon, so be sure to check back in about an hour.

But for now...anyone into zodiac/astrology?
I am.
I have been into since I was a kid & I learned about my sign pretty early on.
I'm glad I did, because it's helped me understand things about me that I probably wouldn't get otherwise.
I AM my sign.
As with any sign there are some things that don't add up or don't fit you, but for me, for the most part -at least 95-98%- it's all me.
Before you go any further,...if you don't follow or buy into it at yourself the time & go ahead and leave. (again, check back in a hour for my 2nd post.) :)

Just figured I'd list a few things that pertain to my sign that fit me to a T.
I'm a Cancer.
Cancer is represented by the crab.
My element is water (ironic because I, personally, can't swim very well..but I do kind of love the beach)
My Ruling planet is the moon. Explains my extreme obsession with the moon.
My color is silver.
My startstone (not birthstone) is the pearl.
Random fact. If you take my zodiac sign & flip it & rotate it, it's 69. Okay so, I'm a bit of a perv. 
But I realized this at a young age and it made me giggle then too, haha.

Cancers are maternal, domestic signs.
The nurturers of the zodiac.
Traditional and patriotic.
A mysterious, walking contradiction.
Sign that represents motherhood.
Tough external shell but soft on the inside. (ahem, like a crab)
Cancers like to retreat into their "shells". (Keep to myself, a lot.)
Emotional and moody. (yep, this is actually a bit of a weakness)
Wears their hearts on their sleeves and are sympathetic to others. (for the most part)
Easily hurt. (too easily, sometimes)
Yet can be vindictive. (Pinchers, y'all, we pinch!)
Tenacious and protective, especially of loved ones.
Good with money. (yes.)
Loyal (until you hurt me)
Sentimental. (very sentimental, to a fault.)
Doesn't like conflict.
Intelligent and intuitive.
Very observant.
Good memory.
Some weaknesses:
Can be possessive/clingy (oopsie)
Overemotional and bad mood swings.
Can be lazy (key words CAN BE, not typically, but can be...I apparently am, but I firmly believe my laziness is due to my depression.)
Self-pitying (I have a bad habit of this, real bad.)
Not very trusting (this is true, it's hard for me to trust)
Can dwell on the past (this goes along with sentimental, but I'm putting this as a weakness, too. I have a hard time letting go of things..which isn't always a good thing.)
Anger & depression
Grudge holders (I can move on -sometimes- but, I won't forget unless I choose to actively let it go...which is rare)

I like to be the "listener" for people. I may not always be able to offer anything in return, but I'll listen to you. It says that Cancers are good at making others feel good about themselves which is good for them (Cancers) because it's in turn makes US feel good. In other words, it makes me happy to make you happy. I really am very sentimental, which is why I have an entire room of boxes from my childhood. The reason this can be bad though, is because there are times when I've thought that the present isn't as good as the past (as everyone does at times). The difference is, when I have those thoughts, they are taken to the extreme (I dwell on the past). This is also true if there was something bad that happened in the past, I dwell on that. 
Anger and depression. I don't trust people. It's actually pretty ironic that someone like me even has a blog, a space to be so open. But it's good. Because if I don't get my feelings and thoughts out, at least a little, it all just builds up. Leading to anger, and resentment....and depression. Which I can't seem to fully get rid of. I have battled depression for years. It's a constant every day thing. Some days it's nonexistent & others I feel so worthless. Some days it's not a struggle & other days I'm on a sinking ship. It just varies.
The fact that I am such a nurturer, and my sign is the sign that represents motherhood, is easy to see. My planet, the moon, is associated with fertility. Which I think has a lot to do with my emotions and depression on the matter of my difficulty in getting pregnant. I want to be a mother, I feel like it's going to be one of my greatest purposes, if not my main purpose, in life. Yet it's been so difficult to do so far. This is one of the situations where the self-pity comes in. I don't much like to make people feel bad for me, I pity myself enough, I don't really need anyone else to do it too. But I do also like to be nurtured as well. I keep to myself a lot, so if I do whine, it's my rare "cry for help". I don't necessarily need your pity, I need a shoulder, or a hug. My self esteem isn't very high, also.
I love my friends, a lot...almost as much as family. In fact any of my close friends are thrown into my family category. I keep a smaller circle than most. (right now it's really small). I'm a pretty loyal friend. But I can pick up on things kind of easily (not always, but a lot of the time.) Like if I'm being used. And even then, I'll still likely be loyal...because it's in my nature. (That is where it becomes a fault). I give people too many chances. But hurt me & I'll do one of two things; I'll retreat away and avoid you forever (or at least a long time), or I'll hurt you back. I really am protective of my family. Just don't mess with them. That actually goes for anyone I love. I'm an avid day dreamer. (I mean, to a fault sometimes.) I can be present, but in my mind I'm living a different life. No, I'm not kidding...and it's pretty much all. the. time. I'm about as moody as they come. I can usually cry at the drop of a dime (good, bad, happy, sad, funny, silly, doesn't matter)..this is that whole emotional thing, ya know?
My obsession with the moon? It might make you giggle a bit, huh? But for me it's real. I'm drawn to the moon. I'm nocturnal. I thrive at night. Even though I love sleep and feel mad when I've slept the day away, I still just thrive at night. (I'm convinced that if I could live without it, I'd go days at a time without sleep so I could fully enjoy the day AND night. But I can't do that, because it's not natural...and I'm not a crackhead.) Back to the moon...If I feel sad or overwhelmed or whatever, if it's a clear night, I literally go outside and just stare at the moon for a few minutes. I'm not completely sure what it is, but it calms me. It's comforting. Even if all is well, I love to lay under the night sky, even if the mooon happens to hide, I love to stargaze, it has almost the same affect on me. Just makes me happy. (I know you think I'm a huge weirdo now, haha, it's alright, I kind of am.) I love the moon & I'm not ashamed of that! 
My Photo. Taken- Summer 2012
My Photo. Taken- Summer 2012
I like having a sense of security. Which is why I like to be home, or being in control as much as I can. So, I am also pretty good with money. Even though I credit my dad a lot for that, he's rubbed off on me in a lot of the ways I handle money. But in many ways, it does come natural. I don't like to be low on money. Now if I could just get the dough rolling in so I could REALLY save! I don't like change. Although I can be very adaptable.
More often than not you only see the surface of things when it comes to me. But being someone who does tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, that can be a lot. However, there is always more underneath my shell that you don't see. 
I'm pretty complex, yet extremely simple.
I could really go one forever. But that gives you a little bit of insight as to who I am, at my core.
:) I'm a Cancer & I'm proud of it! 

Famous Folks I share a birthday with::
Lil Kim, Lil Zane, Richie Sambora, Jeff Corwin, Giorgio Armani, Michael Rosenbaum, Lisa Rinna, Sela Ward, Justin Chambers, E.B. White, John Quincy Adams, and several others...

Post number one is done!
Post number two, coming up!

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  1. John is a cancer too, absolutely fits him to a T but he won't admit it. But cancers happen to be scorpio's perfect match, so I'm good at dealing with his moodiness and his retreating into his shell! My bestie is a cancer too. Guess that makes you pretty awesome also ;)


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