Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Welp, tis that time again. I haven't weighed in (on here) since June 12th..ooopsie.

I feel like as soon as I get to this here space any words I may have had just scatter & I'm just staring at the screen and maybe drooling a bit like, "durrrr...."
What kind of mental picture did you get?
So, anywho...
I have gained it all back...pretty much.

Start weight (4-10-13): 163
Last weigh in (6-12-13): 160.5
Today: 162.3
Up 1.8

The lowest weight I hit in the matter of the almost 3 months I've done this link up is 156.7.
So, I've lost 6.3 lbs & then gained back 13 weeks.

That's okay. Every day is a fresh slate to start from.
I'll get there....I think.

I'm feeling a bit run down. You know how you can feel yourself trying to get sick? Yea, that's what's goin on.
It doesn't help that it's been gloomy and raining the past couple of days & the rest of the week looks to be the same way.
Our town has already decided to post pone fireworks til Saturday.

What are you doing for the 4th?


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  1. You can and will get back on track - we are all here for you! We are so glad to have you back on the link up!


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