Thursday, July 11, 2013

The world better prepare, for when I'm a billionaire!

Okay maybe billionaire status is a bit far fetched.
Hell, even multi-millionaire status is far fetched.
you know I'm a dreamerrrr, but my heart's of gold.... ;-)
(boom, 2 songs stuck in your head!)

So, today I'm linking up with Holly & Kristie to talk about what I'd do if I won the lottery!
Yes, number 3 for today.
"How'd you spend your birthday?"...  "Oh you know...I blogged half the day..."
First two posts here & here.
& 3 happens to be one of my lucky numbers!
Maybe I should go buy a couple of tickets tonight?

Holly doesn't want the cookie cutter answers, but I'm a rebel so I gotta include a couple of them, along with my indulgences! ;-)
This "list" changes from time to time, but not very much.
I dream about this entirely too often!

First & foremost, I would hide and get a financial advisor (yes, even before I indulge). And very few people would know. The biggest noticeable change (at least noticeable right away) in our lives would be a huge home & debt free parents. Doug wouldn't even fully quit his job, he would just turn into a work-when-I-want (or am needed) employee...(or he'd open his own shop.) and I would still look for or have a job of sorts. A very freeee (as in choose my own hours kind of thing) job.

We/I would:
Buy a very large chunk of land and build our dream house. Which would be about a 4 or 5 br/3-4 ba spread, with a large, full finished basement with a couple of extra rooms, and complete with a small-medium size theater room/game room/hangout room  A pool (but I'd like one of those pond looking pools.) with a pool/guest house (1-2 br/1ba). Wrap around porch is a must. A nice covered outdoor living area (aka huge patio with a nice grill...we got a big family). I'd have a 3 or 4 car garage. And then my husband would have a 2 or 3 bay shop, complete with all the tools he wants, and toolboxes, lifts, etc. I would also have a small studio to use for whatever creative things I want. And to finish off we'd have one hell of a security system. Cameras galore! (basically I'd be broke with just this happening! lol)

Completely indulgent shopping trip. New clothes, new furniture, new guns/fishing poles, another camera and new lenses, California king bed, huge bath tub. Sooo much stufffff!

A personal stylist to help me out. I think I do okay -most of the time-, but I'd want at least a consultation just to check, lol

Pay off my parents/Dougs moms/ our granparents homes. Yes this would be one of the first things, because should I lose all of most of my winnings at least our parents and grandparents will have a large debt off of their shoulders.

Beach house! (with a pool, also, I know that seems crazy, but not really). On a smaller scale, but still nice, cozy and relaxing. But I'd make it a vacation rental as well. (ahem, investment!) But of course my family would be allowed some free time.

Buy my mom & dad (both) and my granny a new vehicle. They deserve it. Probably my cousin too.
Pay my brothers debt off & dare his ass to get in debt again. (Mafia style)
Spoil my niece and nephew. A little. With what? I'm not sure.

At least one new vehicle for Doug & I (each). A truck for him, SUV for me.
Maybe a "play car" for each of us. Nissan Skyline for him, Toyota Supra for me (ahhh, chills).

I would send Framing Hanley on tour. To the UK/Ireland. Oz. The US. Canada. I'd provide gas, air fare, rooms, venue costs, whatever. That way whatever money they made would be profit for them, they deserve the hell out of it. And I'd send their loved ones out to various shows for support & just family time. And snowballing from that I'd pay for the FHamily to all come to one location to meet each other and attend a FH concert together.

I would pay for a personal concert from a few of my favorites! In all reality, I'd pay them & their crews, for a days work, but we'd just have a huge cookout and hangout & of course my family and closest friends would be invited (as would the artists/crews families) & we'd end the night out with a concert of sorts. :) And I'd allow them to stay in my huge home, or in I'd pay for their hotel stay (whichever they preferred) This one would seriously probably be one of my favorite indulgences, to be honest!

RUNAWAY! Doug & I would spend at least a couple, or a few weeks in the UK/Ireland. And then we would spend a couple of months or so traveling the US. Complete with a week or two at Disney World...and then maybe even Disney Land.

Invest somehow. Whether it be in starting our own businesses or investing in another. Gotta try to maintain that moolah.

Treat my best friend to two trips! One would just be her and me (or a girls trip, her sisters, my mom, her mom, etc etc). The second would be a family trip for her, her hubs, and their kids. For a week, somewhere kids & parent friendly and them not have to pay for a thing! Then I'd give her a chunk of money to put towards bills to alleviate some stress.

Huge family vacation! Don't know exactly where. But Doug's family & mine are both invited.

Go on tour. I seriously consider touring with some of my favorites (if I could.) and doing photography or something like that with/for them.

I'd randomly give away a set amount of money. Whether it be to one person in need, or divided amongst several people. And I'd do it anonymously (but I'd hide in the bushes to see their reactions....creep much?)

Buy a very, very large chunk of land in my town and forbid any development on it! So fucking tired of seeing trees go down and buildings go up. This isn't a "big city." Stop it.

Then of course donate to charities, etc...

Do I need to stop? I could go on. lol
I'll stop there! :-p
What would YOU do if you won the lottery?!

Last post of the day! lol


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