Monday, July 8, 2013

For the sake of having a post today...

This weekend was pretty mundane.
We'll start on the 4th.
Our town had to cancel fireworks (they were moved to Saturday) becuase we have been plagued with rain...seriously, rained EVERY DAY last week. I don't mean like drizzle, I'm talking steady rain, all day, type stuff.
So we went to my mother-in-law's to cook out & shoot off our own fireworks...(about $200 worth).
And it was great. We had just enough of a break in the rain to let the boys have a little fun.
The 4th did eng up being great. Low-key with family.
Happy 4th.
Friday was a nothing day, really. And I was confused because Thursday felt like Saturday, so there for in my brain it was Sunday...which meant my husband wasn't supposed to be back at work yet. (He was actually off on the 4th)

Saturday, was the same basically. Spent most of the day at home while Doug help by dad & bro do stuff. And we skipped out on going to fireworks (which turned out to be okay, because guess what...IT everyone that went pretty much watched them from their cars).

Sunday...was kind of blah. Doug & I spent most of the day in bed. He couldn't get woke up fully & I was just bored. So we were extremely lazy.

& then here we are!

The forecast calls for rain every day this week...again. Hoefully it won't make me look like a frzzb ball in m new ID picture.
So we'll see how the weather will go this week. It's actually been really nice far. -__- scratch's raining now.

Okay...Off I go!

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