Thursday, July 18, 2013

Love/Hate it!

I had no idea what to even talk about today since my days have been pretty mundane.
So, lets talk about a few things that I have a love/hate relationship with...

Love when my favorite song comes on the radio in the car.
Hate that it always seems to happen when I pull into the driveway.
So what if I own the song, any opportunity to hear it is amazing. You're not going to not listen! And I will ALWAYS sit in the car and listen to it. You know what makes it even worse? When that song is finally over and another amazing one comes on, making it impossible for you to leave your vehicle.

Love cooking. Mmm, food.
Hate cooking. Ha, I'm kidding. Hate the aftermath.
I always make a mess of sorts. Not kidding, if I ever cook for you or with you, I will make a mess. It could range from one small spill to slinging noodles across the room & then dropping meat on the floor, then spilling some sauce on the counter. But in the end I have a good ass pot of spaghetti cooked! Don't worry any sling-age, drop-age, or spillage is discarded. haha 
I'll be like, "You want some chocolate miiiilllk?"
But then I remember...

Love cleaning. Who doesn't love a clean house?
Hate well, cleaning; having to actually muster up the energy to clean it.
I'm a tad lazy sometimes. And a lot of it is so. damn. tedious. So there are times when you just decide, nope not today. But then you realize two months later that, yeah, you should probably do the laundry and wash the dishes...and maybe clean the toilet. And should you wait that long in between cleaning, you should probably not tell anyone. haha. I love when I get in a cleaning mood, it helps immensely!

Love makeup. I likes to look prettyful.
Hate Putting it on.
I love that it makes me look presentable, I really do. Even though most days I don't even bother. (And I'm pretty sure I look like a zombie, or like I'm on drugs.) But, again, it's so. damn. tedious. One the days I do wear it, I usually try to do the minimum I can to make myself look presentable. Don't get me wrong, I still like to play dress up once in a while, that doesn't count here. I'm talking about day-to-day. And then you have to find the right kind of product for you & your skin. Right tone, right consistency, right color eyeshadow, right kind of eye liner. Do I want lipstick? Maybe just a gloss? How long will it all last, all day or am I going to have to reapply or touch-up at some point? How do I even put this on? Why do I need to contour? And then taking it off. Gotta find the right stuff that works for you & your skin for that too. The entire process of applying and removing has basically turned into a science! That I have yet to master. But I'm not giving up. Also, thank God for Emily, I love her Beauty Broadcast videos AND she does hauls & comparisons to help you see various products for various prices. Check her out, she's awesome.

Love blogging. Having a place that is mine, to say what I want.
Hate several different aspects.
Mainly not having anything to talk about. I know it's my blog, my journal, my diary for my daily life. But there are times when I'm just like, ehh...nothing exciting happened today, or yesterday...or will tomorrow. So whats the point. But then sometimes I feel the opposite. So it balances out, most of the time. And then there are those "why didn't I think of that" topics. Then the unspoken competitiveness. No, it's not a competition or popularity contest, but ladies, lets be honest with ourselves. There is a hint of it. Say Blogger A says, "hey this is an awesome thing, if it suits your style, you might like it too." and you say, "Hmm, maybe I'll think about thinking about it." Two days later Blogger B says, "hey this is an awesome thing, if it suits your style, you might like it too." and you are immediately go into a latte-fueled panic trying to find where, how and how much. Just, no. That's just one example of one area, among many others. And it's okay, I can admit that I'm guilty of it, but it still irks me. What you don't ever annoy yourself? I'm not crazy!

Love food. Um, duh! Healthy, unhealthy, doesn't matter.
Hate a couple of things. 
One being the obvious, weight gain. WHY can't I eat half a pizza, a bag of doritos, some ice cream, candy and a piece of cake and then have about 3 mountain dews at 1 am and not gain weight? And the other being, why do I get full so quickly sometimes?! It tastes so good & I want just one more little bit, but I might puke if I try it, but I really want it. First world problems.

Am I right or am I right?
What are some things that you have a love/hate relationship with?

Happy Friday Eve!


  1. I like the "a messy kitchen" sign! Must find one!

  2. What an awesome post idea! Love the crazy girl blog pic! haha

  3. haha I always get sad once I'm full too!

  4. Oh word, I agree with all of these. I wish I had a magical kitchen fairy to clean up after my mess. I always dirty every spoon, bowl, and pan when I attempt "cooking" (which isn't very often).

    And yes, we all need to have bottomless pits for stomachs. I like eating too much!


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