Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Plus two.

Two point four to be exact. We'll get to that later.
First I'm gonna recap the weekend...what I can't do that on a Wednesday?
Well then it's a good thing I'm a rebel.

Friday we didn't do anything.
Saturday was great. Even though we really need to be tight budgeted, we always have a date night for our birthdays. So, since Chili's decided to be a dick & take what I eat off the menu, we picked Applebees. We stopped by the mall to go into Rue 21 where I was actually able to find a pair of pants! So thanks to this sweet girl, I got a new pair of pants & actually a new tank top, an entire outfit, for my birthday. Thank youuu, Jess!!♥
I really need a full length mirror...
After that we went to Applebees for an early supper & then off to to the movies. We saw Grown Ups 2, & it was actually good. I have a broad sense of humor though. Not sure if that's the right word. Brain fart. My sense of humor spans over a wide range of things & I'm pretty easily amused most of the time, so I definitely laughed., If you liked the first one, see this one. I won't tell too much about it. Except that Taylor Lautner is in it. & Stone Cold Steve Austin is in it (which almost prompted a loud squeal from me, because I did not know he was in it.) I got a bit too excited.
I'm a huge SCSA fan. (Random fact about me.)
Anyway we were out of the movies by 9. We stopped at the store, got some tickets & beer & went home and sat on the porch for a couple of hours, just drinkin' and talkin'.
So, it was the perfect date night.

Sunday was okay. Woke up and just kind of hung around for a few minutes. Met another new turtle friend and released it. I was finally getting my veggie soup that I requested. (In our house, when it's your birthday YOU get to pick what's for supper. I picked veggie soup, but we had some chicken that needed to be cooked, SO I agreed on BBQ chicken on my actual birthday & then Sunday would be a good day for the soup.) And then I had talked to my cousin who informed me of some bad news about my great aunt. I posted on Sunday but avoided this subject and instead stuck to doing a Sunday Social. And I think for right now at least, I'll continue to avoid it. I have been trying to not think about it too much right now, I don't quite want a breakdown. Maybe in a day or so, I'll talk about it.

But that's why I've been MIA for a couple of days on here, & sporadic on the bird & IG. I've just kind of been keeping to myself & spending some time with family.
But, like I said, I'll get into that in a couple of days maybe.
I've also done a lot of thinking...about my 30 before 30. I'm still having things pop up in my mind that should have been on the list. So anytime something pops into my head I'm trying to jot it down or make a mental note or something.
There are a few places I'd like to start. So, we'll see. :-)

For today..I suppose I will weigh-in. I didn't do it last week (via the blog) because it was my birthday week & that's a valid enough excuse. I did, however, weigh-in for myself. There was no change, which I'm okay with.
This week there was.
But that is probably due to the fact that (1) I had not one, but TWO, birthday cakes, & (2)I've eaten a lot of yummylicious food in the past week.
So, that brings us to the 2.4 thing.

Last week: 162.3
Today: 164.7
Up: 2.4

So not cool seeing that number. (So not cool seeing the any of the 160's again, at all) But, oh well.
The only thing I can do, is do better.
It's no secret that I love food, THAT won't change.
However, I've been feeling funny lately. My arm has been hurting.
I know that the food+lack of doing,..well...anything, is the cause.
Or maybe I'm sleeping funny. I'm a paranoid person.
Whatever the reason, it's enough of a jolt for me, I'm kicking myself in the ass.
That along with some serious talking that my hubs & I did the other night (about himself) gave me a small boost.
I'm still so glad that he's on board with me. We both have various reasons for this, but they are pretty much the same for both of us.

So, there you have it. Now I'm gonna catch up on a few blogs & try to find something else to occupy my mind.


*I also haven't really responded to many emails in the past couple of days. Please don't take it personal if I happen to not get back to you right away.♥


  1. Hang in there.. I hope whatever it is that is bringing you down regarding your Aunt/Family is able to be resolved or starts looking up soon.
    We just got a new Applebees here and it was the strangest thing to me-- the one that we had never seemed to have much business and now all of the sudden they got a new construction. We don't go out to eat much because I prefer to cook (and I'm GREAT at it, hehe).. plus, it saves money. If I had a choice though, I would like to go somewhere that had a nice salad bar-- I can never get enough of a good salad bar.

    Hang in there!

  2. You've got it totally right - when we fall, just gotta dust ourselves off and do better next time. We all have gain weeks. You can do it!


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