Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIW Pop-Up

Weigh IN Wednesday 

Oh hello there.
It's me, Miss MIA.
Could you ever even begin to guess why?
The Internet. Oh yes, the internet.
Sprint was lovely enough to send us a $540 bill Saturday & when my mom checked into it, it turns out they had changed our account, without us knowing. So needless to say we are trying to be minimal with net usage so we don't go over again & looking around for new a ISP.
Speaking of,....who do you have & do you like them?!
Mom was thinking about AT&T Uverse, but we don't know yet. 
Any suggestions?!

I've been trying to think of other ways to workout. Aside from just getting lazy, I get bored with typical routines. I have a lot printed off & in a binder (yep, I have a workout binder), but I want something to change it up a little.
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, or I think I did, that I was thinking about doing Hip Hop Abs.
(btw, I'm still in the "thinking about" stage of that-lazy ass)
Yesterday at Wal Mart I was just moseying around and decided to walk down the workout isle & saw another dance DVD that caught my eye.
In case you don't know, the Step Up franchise is one of my absolute favorites. I love most dance movies because I love dancing.
So I was thinking that since this one is only about $9, I might try it.
I don't know.
Has anyone else tried any kind of dance workout dvd's and like them?

Last week: 164.2
Today: 164.2
No change.
Week of water is going alright, I've allowed myself to have 1 to 2 dews, so that I wouldn't beat myself up about it should I cave. (IOW: being realistic) Monday & Tuesday I only had 1 Dew, the rest water. I'm reallllly craving it today though, I might have 2.
Week of sleep, well that's a different story. I think sometimes your body knows how much rest you need more than you do. I took Zzzquil Monday night & fought it for a little while trying to watch Teen Mom 3, well I didn't make it to the end, I know I was out before Midnight...which you would think would put me waking up around 8-9. Nope...try 1pm.
So last night I skipped it....last time I looked at the clock before going to sleep was almost 5am...I woke up a little after noon.

I'm super bummed that our internet is still causing issues.
I was so ready to do a VMA recap and shit.
The VMAs actually kind of gave me two potential blog post ideas. So I still may do those.
My weekend was great. The guys went to the hunting club for work weekend & my mom & I spent 2 nights  watching scary movies. I spent some quality time with my hubs on Sunday.
Pretty low key & fabulous.

That's it for today.
Be some point?

Lovins betches!

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  1. WHHHHHAT!! That is crazy!! I heard sprint is NOT the greatest. :(


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