Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Odd food combinations...

Gotta love when time to eat rolls around.
Especially when you don't know what you eat.
Happened to me today at lunch time. So then you think, I'll eat some pizza rolls.
Maybe not be the best for ya, but it's quick and easy & you know you'll like it.
Until you see that you only have like 6 or 7 left.
So, what do I do.
Eat them, duh. But it's not enough.
So, eventually I go for a little something more.
As I'm sitting her eating my snack, (don't worry, it's healthy)
I'm thinking about some of the other odd food combinations I like to eat.

Let's see if y'all have ever eaten any of the same things...
(I don't even want to hear how unhealthy any of it is, trust me, I know.)
(all images, except the 2 cell phone pictures, are from google.com)

1. Ham & sour cream & onion chips. I'm not talking about the thick chunks or what not, I'm talking the thin sandwich slices. I grew up snacking on this and it just stuck with me. What to do: take a slice of ham, lay it flat. Then take a few chips, crumple them up (or don't, whatever you prefer) and then fold the four "corners" (most are round, but you get my point) in & eat. I can eat a whole (small) pack of ham doing this, easily.

2. Chicken in a Biskit cracker with easy cheese and popcorn. (or just popcorn and easy cheese.) I grew up eating chicken in a biskit crackers with easy cheese, & I love it. But years ago, I decided I wanted to try it with popcorn. It's so good. I even got other people to start eating it. Haha. What to do: take a cracker, top with cheese & then top with about 3 pieces of popcorn (or how ever much you can fit) & eat.

3. Lay's (classic) with ketchup. This one isn't that odd, I know a handful of people who eat this. But I loooove it. And no, the ketchup flavored lays don't count. What to do: you can simply take a handful of chips and either put them in a plate or bowl and just drizzle ketchup over. Or put them on a plate & put ketchup to the side to dip the chips in. Or you can put them in a bowl, drizzle ketchup over & then crush together & eat with a spoon.

4. Lay's (classic) with pickles. I honestly don't know who started me on this, or if I just tried it on my own one day, but I love it. I looove pickles and can drink the juice alone, so I think one day when I was a kid I just decided to dip chips in it. I don't know...but yeah, it's good. And no, same as with the ketchup chips, the dill flavored chips don't count. What to do: Bite of a pickle & chip, eat. Repeat. Repeat. lol. Or, you can dip the chips in the pickle juice. 

5. Peanut Butter and Granny Smith Apples. My mom thinks I'm crazy. "Caramel with apples is better." Nope. Not for this girl. Love me some peanut butter. Although I don't think this one is that odd either. What to do: Dip apple in pb. Simple.
6. Peanut Butter and...grapes! (What I'm currently snacking on.) White grapes in particular. Y'all I just tried this last week. I've been wanting to for a while just because I figured it would be good. Then one of my lovely UK friends was raving about it on Twitter one day & I told her I was thinking of trying it. She recommended it. So I did & it is really good! White grapes have that similar sourness the granny smith apples have, so the peanut butter compliments it. If you like apples & pb, try this at least once. Doesn't require a lot of pb per grape. A dab'll do ya. What to do: get a bowl full of grapes and a large spoonful of pb & just swipe each grape across the pb, enough to maybe cover the tip of the grape. mmmm...
7. Cheese & Doritos (or Lay's BBQ chips) sandwich. I grew up on cheese & lay's chips, but in my teen years I decided to try Doritos on it. Looove. What to do: Make a cheese sandwich, as usual (for me, it's bread & american cheese, with mayo, of course) and then open it back up and put Doritos on each side of the cheese. Same way for the BBQ Lay's. 

What about you?
Ever had any of the things on my list?
Are there any odd or unusual food combinations that you like to eat?
Let me know! I might just try one!



  1. I'm a huge tuna salad fan, which everyone finds "gross." But as kids, we would put normal lays chips on the sandwich. Sometimes I still do it ;)

  2. Never had any of these... my most random would probably be pickle pizza. Love pickles on my pizza! One of my friends in college used to eat Ketchup on every.single.thing. Soup? Cereal? Yup, she added Ketchup! Crazy!

  3. Oh my goodness.. you would get along SO well with my fiance! He will literally put chips on every sandwich but I've never caught him doing so with just the meat! Have you ever Ketchup Chips? I went to Canada and they had them there.. they are SO GOOD. Don't get them from the States-- they are NOT the same!! I have ordered some on Ebay before from Canada and hid them from the entire family.


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