Friday, August 23, 2013

Sleepy Sissy...

I am sleepy.

It's almost 11:30 & I've already hit the 24 hour mark on being awake.
Which means little ole me=delusional. get sleepy brain because I can't be bothered to type up the post I was going to talk about.
Which was just my wishlist.
So that will be saved for next week.

Sleepy Sissy says:

Damn you One Direction. A benefit of my staying Up All Night was that I was able to see their performance on The Today Show. And it was glorious. It made me want to go back to June even more to relive the Atlanta show. Look. I'm so sure you lovely ladies are probably tired of hearing me talk about them, but you are on my corner of the webz...soo.... ;) There were a couple of observations sleepy me made: 1- Someone was holding up an iPad in the audience...a FACKING IPAD. NO. Don't do that. You look dumb. I'm thousands of miles away & I giggled at you & then became annoyed. It's called a camera, invest it in, learn it, love it. 2- The number of fans that looks utterly bored bothered me, also the number of fans that were, I'm sure, tweeting, InstaG-ing, or texting bothered me also. You're a free mini-concert with your "favorite" artist performing. WHATERYOUDOING?!  Whatever. Betches. I'm convinced that I can't be held responsible for the way I feel when I see 1D, Harry Styles in particular. His voice was so rugged, and raw today. ohmahlawd. Like, I have legitimately tried to fight the way I feel. I'm 25 & can assure you I'm happily married. But that boy leaves me with sexual frustration like you wouldn't believe. (Sorry Doug, should you ever see this) They make me feel like a teenager, it's like reverted back to those days when you see someone and it makes you all giddy & you grin ear to ear, and melt when they speak -er sing-, etc etc... Mom's a good sport for sitting through it. lol
Of course there were adult conversation moments like "I wonder how much school these kids miss for stuff like this" etc. & Mom did said that David Beckham was pretty (there was a David Beckham ad that they showed) So...yea..that's that....

I've been thinking about one of my old dogs lately. For the past maybe 3 or 4 days & I'm not entirely sure why. Her name was Princess, and she passed away entirely too early. I don't have a picture on hand or I'd post it. But as if thinking about & missing her wasn't bad enough, my ass decided that watching Frankenweenie for the first time in the middle of the night was a good idea. Warning: slight spoiler if you haven't watched it. Damn you, Frankenweenie. I bawled. I'm actually still not sure how I feel about it. Princess got hit by a car (same way Sparky died)..instatears. My heart broke. DAMMIT. And then he's brought back & then dies AGAIN (instatears again) & then is brought back...but was bad timing. Even though I probably would have cried anyway, I think I cried way more because I had Princess on my mind.

I've been kind of  "off" this week. Everyone can tell. I've worried Doug to the point where he thinks it's him/us that's the issue. Not the case. Just an overall off-ness. I also blame Aunt Flow. That bitch. That fuckin' bitch. I'm sure you don't want to know, but Bitch declared internal warfare on my body earlier this week & I'm just now starting to recover. Not only was it not time for it, but it was fucking brutal. BRU-TAL. & I've just not been feeling anything, or really anyone. I hate feeling that way. I feel bad for feeling that way...which is counterproductive...feeling bad on top of feeling bad? Yea, no good. So I've kept to myself for the most part. Hoping that turns around though. PLEASE GO AWAY!

I kind of want to issue a little challenge to myself. Week of Water & Week of Sleep. What's that? Well, I kind of want to try to drink only (or 95%) water for a week. FYI: I inhale Mountain Dew, it's my drug. I hate going without it. HATE it! But, I do love water (& tea & koolaid & juices). But I want to try to cut it down just a I figured try a week of water..why a week? Cause it's not that freakin' long. Week of sleep? I'm a self proclaimed insomniac & a night owl. I do sleep, usually, around 7-8 hrs a night. But I sleep at different times. Which, technically is fine for me. But I'd like to re-adjust it a bit & at least try to wake up around 8am-ish, or 9am and feel rested, rather than anywhere from 10:30am-1pm. Why? Idk, I just want to. Plus if I can get a job, it will be helpful to have semi-"normal" hours. it is, posted here for accountability, folks. Bout to make ZzzQuil & water my friends...we'll see how I can do... (even though I stayed up all night last night, I was asleep by at least 10:30pm Wednesday night & woke up at around 10:30 am yesterday I got 12 hrs..aka too

But...on Sunday, I don't think I can start the sleepy Sunday...or maybe I can. Sunday is the VMA's. I gots to watch the VMA's. I have to see 1D & I HAVE to see if NSYNC is actually gonna perform (I read somewhere that Lance himself said that it was just a rumor, so we'll see). Are any of you going to watch? Anyone planning to live tweet? I might, not sure. @bnb03 is me.

According to Peter & Cynthia, RHOA should be returning Late October! AHHHH! YAY!

EXCITING FRAMING HANLEY NEWS! There is a release date for their new album. FINALLY!
IG: FramingHanleyBand
We've been waiting for over a year. It's overdue, but I know it's going to be 100% well worth the wait. I already have 3 songs, & have heard a couple live, I know it's good stuff. I'm so stoked for our FHamily & anyone that's a FHan. And above that I'm so happy for and proud of those boys. I'm still devastaed that the bassist decided to leave, but I hope they find a good stand-in. I can't say replacement. No one will ever replace Luke, but they have to have a bassist. But they sacrifice so much time and energy to do this. They've had to hold down other jobs on top of trying to do this, on top of being family men (they're all married/engaged & 1's a father of 2 & 1's a soon-to-be in a few week! EEK!) Anyway, they deserve it. As excited as I am, I'm also a bit nervous. My stomach is gonna fall out of my ass when I get that email about the music video. Makes me nervous now just thinking about it. Anyway, check out my favorite band. It's rock/alternative whatever the fack you want to call it, it's good. Their Twitter is @FramingHanley. If you want song suggestions, ask me, I'll point you to some I think most people should like. (Seriously, if you like music, give them the time of day, if you listen to the right song, I think you'll like them.)

That's IT! I have got to try to take a nap, or at least rest a little bit, before I decide what I'm doing with my afternoon/evening/night. Got my day started good with being able my husband after he woke up & then see him off to work. And then got to see my British beau perform on TV. I am good-to-go. I just want a Mt.Dew...but I'm gonna hold of for now. I brought a bottle of water to bed! YAY!
Bee-tee-dubs, that water/sleep thing will start Monday...because Monday is a wonderful day to start things for some reason. 

Okay I'm done for real this time.
I can't brain today.

I leave you with this. 
It's okay, you don't have to understand it. A lot of people don't.

Excuuuuusseeee my frenchhh today!

TGIF, I hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday,...for real!

Lovins, shitheads!

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  1. I had an off week last week too - I hate weeks like that!


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