Friday, September 6, 2013


Hello there!
I say peek-a-boo, cause I'm not really back just yet...
I have a net connection for the weekend! Woo!
I've missed this here little space,...but yet, then again I didn't.
Blogging is funny to me. I still have days of wonder why the hell I even have one of these things.
I suppose I'll just leave it be & continue mission.
Be internet-less is for the birds, but everyone these days knows that.
Isn't that a sad realization or how things have changed in even just 10 or 15 years?
Anyway, we should hopefully have internet again at home by Wednesday.

Life lately...
I don't remember the last time I let's see...

-We were devastated by GA's loss last weekend & I'm really praying we can pull a W out against the Angry Birds tomorrow!
-Ready for the Falcons to kickoff Sunday.
-I'm disappointed in myself because I actually got to watch the Broncos play last night...and what do I do? Fall asleep. I blame the Zzzquil. Shit works.
-WIW I lost like a pound and some change. I wrote it down, but I don't have that paper right here, so yea. How I even lost that I have no earthly idea.
-The push to get a job is happening again, rightfully so, but I haven't been able to look or apply because most places are APPLY ONLINE. SO facking annoying!
-Instead of getting my ass outside and soaking up the not-too-hot warmth I've done the usual nothing that I always do. With some cleaning and other housewifey duties included.
-September looks to be a fun month for hubs & myself. Gator hunting (hubs -w/ my daddy& bro), Nopi (if we go), and FOB & P!ATD (for me).
-It's been out for ONE WEEK & I still have not been to see This Is Us. THIS. IS. A. PROBLEM.
-I had a weird dream last night about bears and snakes that I just now remembered, so I need to look that up.
-I've discovered that I like & am good at shooting a bow. You'd think being in a family of avid hunters, I would have shot one before, but no. Now they are all even more determined to get me in the woods!
-I cleaned a little in my spare/hopefully-soon-to-be-scrapbook room. This is good. Didn't look like I made a lot of progress but wtfever, I did it.

So yea, that's about all I've got for you. Not much has happened in my neck of the woods.
Haven't missed much, but I'm excited to be able to catch up on everyone's blogs!
I need some blog inspiration, everyone is able to come up with these great posts & I'm hear all like "this is my life today..."

Anywho...sorry there's nothing interesting. :p


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  1. Ugh, you sure did pull a win on Saturday! UGA deserved that win, my USC did not. :(


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