Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey Monday! This post goes nowhere...

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Not gonna get into a recap.
All we really did was celebrate my nephews 10th & relax.

Today I was just kind of floating around, packing our things up at my mother in laws & I'm finally back home.
It's crazy how being in different places changes your attitude. That feeling of low worth & failure crept back in on me & I'm fighting the blah right now. It's always there, but sometimes it's more prevalent than other times.

So how fun was Erin & Erin's Football link up on Friday?! I found, I think, only ONE fellow Bulldogs fan!
But lots of SEC fans, so that's good.
Speaking of Football.
I really wanna go to the Falcon & Bengals practice tomorrow, but I kind of don't want to go alone, but I have no one to go with. Boo. So we'll see if I go.
First preseason game for us (Falcons) is Thurrrsdayyy & it's against the Bengals, of course.
So that brings us to
3 days til first preseason game
24 days til SEC kickoff -Scar Cocks-
26 Days til Bulldogs kickoff!

Speaking of WooHoo! Tonight is the season finale of RHOC. I hate when my shows end.
But T.I. & Tiny comes back on. (Love my some T.I., in case you didn't know)
Anyone else have a laundry list of shows that they watch at any given time of the year?!

I honestly have no direction that I'm going in this post...just rambling.

I feel like I need to update my about me page or something. Hell, I feel like my whole blog needs a facelift.

I just need something. I don't know what though.

Oh, if you are a Pepsi (or diet pepsi) drinker (or dew & diet dew) and you have any of those codes & aren't interested in keeping/using them, send them my way! I need more pepsi codes than dew cods, but I'll take either! It ends Saturday, so this is the last week. KTHANKS.

And, now I don't know what else to say.

How was everyone's Monday?!



  1. Yayy, so glad you liked the link-up... we plan on doing it the first Friday of every month. I had SO much fun reading everyone's posts!

  2. I'm currently watching the squawking hens on RHOC while my fiance whines in the background (it's more complaining and b*tching like they are).. REDICK! The only reason it's on is because I like Below Deck that comes on next. My weekend stunk and I was without my baby (the laptop) so I missed the Football link up! I can't wait for my team to stomp some butt!

  3. Why do I have to close on Thursday?! I would love to watch that game and root for my Bengals! ;)


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