Monday, August 12, 2013

A buck for your junk...

No, no, I'm not talking about a strip club.

I'm talking about all the shit that takes up room in your, well, room.
And then there are the clothes in your closet.

See, I have a problem with getting rid of things.
I'm a pack rat.
But I want need to get rid of a lot of the useless, non-sentimental, stuff.
But, you see. I also like money.
Most of stuff is taken care of, and there are somethings that I can't help but think, I couldn't probably get a few dollars out of this.
Same with clothes. I have a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans that I bought in 7th or 8th grade (12-13 years ago) and NEVER wore. Surely I could get about $5 or $10 out of those right? Or my pair of Abercrombie jeans that I bought in 7th or 8th grade that I only wore once. Another $5 maybe. I mean, shit, I paid upwards of $30-$40 a piece for them. and even the non-name brand stuff that I've already decided I can part with, it's in good condition, some of it was also never wore. I'm not unrealistic. I know I can take a whole box of clothes in and walk out with a very small amount of money, which would be fine.
When I was a teen, I had an issue with giving a lot of my clothes away to be hand-em-downs because I was always the kind of person who didn't want someone to get something that was good & then ruin it right away. I know, it's kind of an unreasonable thing to think that, but it has stuck with me, and I'm kind of the same way still. So, I've always figured, try to make a little change($) from it.
The two main issues are, one: thrift shops & retail boutiques are so picky -and I get it- and two: have you tried selling anything on those damn FB yardsale pages. Pain in the ass. I'm unsuccessful at it. It's annoying.

And then there is the other end of the spectrum where you can just donate everything. I know it's good & I know a lot of people can possibly benefit from it.
I've leaned more towards that, until recently. I feel like that is still the option I'll end up doing just because it's the easier one.

So what would you do? (Or what have you done?)
Try to get a few bucks for your stuff or just set it out & never look back?

My weekend was pretty good.
I had a bad night Friday.
But Saturday was good other than a text message I received.
I spent the day with my aunt, her daughter & her other niece.
We were in Atlanta from 1pm to Midnight for Justin Bieber.
We stood out where the tour buses park from the moment we got into the city til about 6 or 6:30 JUST to try and get a glimpse of JB. (that's approximately 5 hours) No such luck. We did see a lot of his team and dancers. And we saw the two opening acts, Cody Simpson & Ariana Grande.
The show itself was great. Cody & Ariana both are actually pretty dang good. Ariana makes me think of Mariah Carey, kind of. And then of course Justin. Oh, Justin. He can still make a girl swoon. haha. I first saw him 3 years ago, when he was still relatively new. It was his first tour and all & he was good. Saturday night he showed that he's still got it. I'm just glad he was on time. haha. I was kind of bummed that he only had one special guest. The first time we saw him he had 3 or 4 special guests. This time, only one. He ended the night with the song "Baby" which Ludacris has a part in, so being that we were in the A, of course Luda came out and performed his part. (That makes the 2nd concert this year that I have been to where Luda was a special/surprise guest!)
As soon as the show was over, we ran right back to where we were before the show (at the tour buses) & watched everyone leave. lol My Aunt and I still didn't see Justin (we weren't standing with the girls, we let them stand down by the fence with the other Beliebers by themselves) but they did get to see him a little, so that's what counts. We did see his mom, little brother & little sister. & of course a lot of his crew, entourage and dancers.

All in all it was good night. I got home around 2am.
Sunday was spent sleeping a majority of the day, lounging the rest of it & watching the Teen Choice Awards.
Yes, I watched them. Yes, I watched just for 1D. And yes, I got to see my British boyfriend twerk (I think he regretted it immediately, lol.)
Lea Michele made me cry because she talked about & dedicated her award to Cory (the Glee cast also dedicated the cast award to Cory). I'm sure you can find a video on YouTube if you're interested.
It was an okay show. Seemed a little bit unorganized. And the performances were off. Like when 1D performed two of the mics were either turned down (or turned off), same for FL/GA Line & Nelly, there seemed to be a mic issue. Or maybe the sound people were just not on their game. I don't know. But whatever.

That was it, that was my weekend.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. What did you do? 

Happy Monday!


  1. I just end up donating everything. I don't like going to boutiques that buy clothes because usually they don't like anything I bring.

  2. I would take pictures of the clothes and put them on Craigslist for reasonable prices.. I would at least give them two weeks and if that didn't work then I would donate them-- maybe more time if you really need the money or try other means. If you have friends with older kids, like I do-- I would probably just give them to the kids.. but then again, not everyone is like me. But yeah, I would def try to sell them at first, it's worth the try!


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