Friday, August 2, 2013

Saturday Down South
I am SO stoked for this Link Up! Are you a football fan also? LINK UP with Erin, Erin & Tiffany and tell everyone about your favorite(s)!

I almost don't even know where to start, so I'm just gonna go based on the areas that Erin suggested.

But I'll start by saying screaming...
I'll start with Pro...
My Favorite Team(s)-yes multiples- & why:
1. Altanta Falcons. Usually growing up, you kinda of are a fan of your states teams by default. Or you're fans of whatever team your parents are. It's no different with me. I'm a Georgia Peach. My teams are the Falcons (the Brave & the Hawks-even though I don't really watch baseball or basketball-). So I have been a Falcons fan forevvaaa! & I wouldn't change a thing about it. I really do love them, and always have (it even shows in my email address, the 32 was the number of my favorite player (at the time) Jamal Anderson, babyyy!) I still have my superbowl shirt from 98.
This the past few years has came closer and closer to the Super Bowl, and even with that they are STILL, STILL underrated as hell. We have some amazing players. Rowdy Roddy, Matty Ice, Tony G, Julioooo Jones,  Kroy Biermann (aka -for all of you reality tv watchers- Kim Zolciaks hubby), among many others. I mean, I bleed red & black (x's two -you'll understand that in a minute-). They've been through controversy, with a certain team member getting in trouble in 2007, and then their coach just up and quit on them before the season was over in 2008. WHOOO DOES THAT?! But they bounced back. With the entering of head coach Smith & new QB Ryan.  Don't count them out just yet. I'm hoping for an amazing year for them! Dirty Bird for Life. Falcons Rise Up!
 My favorite Falcons commercial.
Such Pride we have!

Before I talk about the next couple of teams, I'll be the first to say that bandwagoner fans annoy the piss outta me. Buttt... that is actually exactly how I've come to be fans of these teams.

2. Denver Broncos- This my number 2 team. Initially, I followed my faaaaavorite college player here. I literally cried when he decided to forgo his senior year & enter the draft. In 2009 he was drafted in the first round (12th overall)  by the Broncos & just like that I was a "Bronco fan". I pushed myself to "get to know the team though", so I could be a Bronco Fan instead of just Moreno. Which turned out to be a good thing because got injured, then in a little trouble, and then injured again, poor fella. Now this team has frustrated the shit out of me to no end. I mean they got rid of Kyle Orton (aka their QB) a couple of years ago for that gator ass boy. Yea, everyone's precious Tim Tebow. I'm still trying to figure out why the fuck they thought that would be a good idea. And I literally questioned whether I wanted to cheer for them anymore. Then they finally booted him & got mr Manning! So it all worked out. I always said they Peyton finally grew up from a colt to a bronco! Horse humor, ftw! My most recent frustration is them cutting Willis McGahee. I feel like that was huge mistake, I'm REALLY hoping that doesn't hurt them & that Moreno settles back into his role. Other assets? Of course Peyton, he's been great for us since Te-whatever. Von Miller is great & I LOVE watching him do his little jigs! Champ Bailey, Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas. Oh and their newest asset, which has me sooo much more excited for this season, is that they drafted Tavarres King aka TK!! during the draft. (another college player from my team -same team as Moreno-). I am soooo facking excited that they got him & SOOO ready to see him and Moreno on the same field again! My Moreno! WOO! Go Broncos!

3. Detroit Lions- I followed Matthew Stafford here. Our amazing QB was drafted to the Lions, so naturally we keep up with him & cheer him on. They also have Shaun Chapas and now Kris Durham (both from the same team as Staff). While I admit I haven't gotten to know this team 100% as well as I need to, we still cheer for them. Even though he's [Stafford] been with them for a good number of years now, we are still getting to know the team. They are a great team.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- Who Dey?! Who did I follow to this team you ask? AJ Green. LOOOVE him! Was so sad to see him leave us. I just read last week that he will be out for several practices due to a bruised knee, buttt, hopefully will be ready by game time. So that's what I'm really hoping for. And then they obtained Orson Charles during the draft a couple years ago. Huge gain. He was amazing for us during college. There is a bit of still getting to know this whole team that we have to do. We catch as many games as we can (same goes for the Lions) but when you like multiple teams, that can be tough. lol

You know, like I just said, when you like multiple teams it really can be hard to keep up. What makes it harder is that we don't have Sunday Ticket so we can only watch games that are being broadcasts on our local channels or ESPN, we sometmes miss a lot of games. And then there are games that overlap and ugh, it can get challenging! But we do the best we can. We really need to invest in Sunday Ticket though...

Saturday Down South. We love the SEC. Football is a religion. We take it seriously.

There is only one team, ONE, that gets my whole heart.
Nope, it's not the Tide, not the Gay-tors. Scar Cocks? Nope. Not the Vols or Vandy. LSU or The War-Damn-Tiger-Eagles (lol), & no, not Mizzou, the Aggies, or the Razorbacks. Not the Wildcats, or the Rebels. It's the Bulldogs...not to be mistaken for the MSU Bulldogs's the..

The Bulldogs. UGA. DAWGNATION! My Dawgs! Who meet in  Athens, Georgia at UGA at Sanford Stadium, Between The Hedges. Where we love every Ugga (Ugg-uh) that we have ever had & continue to have & we love Hairy Dog just at much. When I said I bleed red and black x's 2, this is why. Both team colors are Red and Black. It run DEEP in my blood. We take pride in our team. The Florida/Georgia game is an event, not a game, it's a big damn deal. This teams is love. Same as with the Falcons, I've been a fan since birth. I get emotionally invested in them. Like I said I cried when My Moreno left. I LOVE watching him. Ah! I'm really hoping we will do amazing this year. Hoping my Gurley Man & Mr. Marshall come out in full force and do just as well as, if not better than, they did last year. The 2 of them were rookies last year and BLEW everyone away. Gurley became the second truefreshman (second to Herschel Walker in 1980) to rush for more than 1000 yards! They (the Dawgs) came so, so, so close to getting to the SEC Champ. game. I really hope they can get there this year. And it's be better if they won. If Aaron Murray could leave college football on that note I'd be on cloud fackin' 20! Hunker down, boys! Who to watch on my team? Welp, our QB is pretty fabulous (Aaron Murray). Todd Gurley & Keith Marshall -aka Gurshall, combination of their names AND a nod to Herschel Walker (on of UGA's GREATESTS) whose number was 34, just so happens that Gurley is number 3 and Marshall is number 4. How crazy is THAT?!-, Michael Bennett, Chris Conley, Arthur Lynch. My biggest frustration with them is MIKE FUCKING BOBO. This little mother fucker needs a knock in the head! He has got to change it up a little bit. Mark Richt (head coach) really needs to step in and be like, "No," But alas, we sit and cuss the hell out of him. And John Theus, baby, I hope you've gotten it together a little more this year. No more false starts and such, please. Look we ain't perfect. No team is, I don't care who you are. We fuck up, sometimes a lot, sometimes more than I would care to admit. But they are an amazing team. We love them. We are sad, but happy, to see players graduate/enter the draft.
To be a fan, a loyal fan, means sticking with them even when they are losing.
Let. me. tell. you.
Doug & I have fought over this. Don't get it twisted, Doug is a lifelong, loyal fan also, but he'll get pissed and discourage REAL quick, and he gets negative. I'm talking  minutes into the game he "knows they are gonna lose" just because they've missed a few plays or something. UM NO! Give it a little more time. When I say we've fought, I mean it. I've had to walk away from him and watch the game in another room. There have been times where by the end of the game I'm just like, "I don't even want to hear you right now." It's serious business here. You would think we loved rival teams, but no, we love the same team.
But we will always be Dawgs. Always. & We're forever Gator Haters. Yellow who? WE RUN THIS STATE!
Dawgs to watch in the NFL: Knowshon Moreno (Broncos), TKUnoDos -Tavarres King (Broncos), Matthew Stafford (Lions), AJ Green (Bengals), Jarvis Jones (Steelers), Alec Ogletree (Rams), Cornelius Washington (Bears), Bacarri Rambo (Redskins), Orson Charles (Bengals), Kris Durham (Lions), Brandon Boykin (Eagles), MoMass Mohammad Massaquoi (Browns), Champ Bailey (Broncos), Akeem Dent (Falcons)...I mean, just to name a few ;) (I may have mentioned some different ones above.)

And a lot of SEC fans, no matter the team you belong to, will cheer for fellow SEC teams. Meaning should your team not make it to a bowl or championship game, but another SEC teams does, you want them to win. You want the SEC to win. But then there are those teams that you just cannot cheer for. Everyone has them.
You catch my drift there, right? ;)

Between the two, Pro & College, we usually prefer college. There is just something about college football in the south that really meshes well. It's synonymous with the south.

But I think we can all agree, college and professional alike, those damn referees are evil little bastards! I really feel bad for them, that's got to be a lot of pressure. Because man, I know how many times I have wanted to ring a refs neck for giving the game to the other team. Biggest pain in my ass!
And another think I don't like is how quickly change comes. I really don't like change. With the NFL you never know if a player you love will be traded or cut. With college you know they will leave in 4 or 5 years time, but you still don't like it. It's like impending doom. And it's even worse when they skip their senior year & go into the draft. You're sad, maybe a little mad, but then again happy to see how they do and where they go. And then injuries, I don't even want to think about injuries.
As for food...
We don't really have a plan when it comes to food for game days. To be honest I'd like to try to become organized enough to have things made at a timely manner and shit, but I'm just not there yet. And, we live in the south...flies like our food too, a lot. Leave stuff sittin' out too long & we'll... haha We do the typical wings &/or pizza & beers. Chips and dip. Sometimes burgers & fries. It really depends, but we don't do anything "special"...yet. If y'all have any recipe suggestions send them my way, I'll check 'em out.

Well, mainly sport your colors of course. In whatever way. From a tshirt to head to toe red & black (or whatever your colors are). A lot of girls down here go all out dressing but, I'm really just a jeans and tee girl. Jersey if I have it, but my moreno jersey doesn't fit anymore. Boo.

I kind of don't want to make predictions because you really never know how the season is actually going to go for any team. I'm excited but nervous as hell. But, in my perfect world, it would be Falcons winning the Super Bowl & Dawgs winning the NCAA Championship. :)

You know, I have never been to a professional football game. And I've only been to one Bulldog game. Crazy. That needs to change! Real quick like!

I honestly don't know what else to talk about.
So,...ya know...that's about it for now...
now since I'm 200% more ready for shit to kick off, I'm gonna just go read everyone elses posts and get more excited.
& I'll leave you with this!
Love my Dawgs!

Any fellow Dawgs out there? Falcons, Broncos, Lions or Bengal fans?
Let me knowww!! We can be friends. :-)

Get ready for lots of football talk!
Loovvve yewww!



  1. LOVE IT! Thank you so much for linking up and I'm glad my boys got a little love in here too ;) AJ Green is a freaking BEAST- I hope he gets practicing again soon!!!

    And yes, you definitely need to get to a game ASAP!

  2. Hahaha WOW! You are passionate, my friend! I know nothing about football. I just throw on a jersey and stuff my face and stare at the TV and try and get excited when I see that everyone else is excited! Hahaha. SAD I know!!

  3. I love every single thing about this post... I'm not a UGA fan but I am a HUGE SEC fan so you already know what that means... I basically follow the whole damn conference! I'm sooo ready for some football Saturdays back in my life!

    Thanks so much for linking up... I think your love for the SEC just may make this my favorite post of the day! <3

  4. Now you, my friend, are a True Football fan!


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