Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So Sexual

Time to put on our big girl panties....or take them off
And let's talk a little bit about sex.
 Nicole wanted to try a sexy link up & today is the first day of it! 
Check out full details here.  
So let's do this.
This weeks question:
What place(s) or way can your significant other
touch you to get your engine going??
In the bedroom/at home: When he kisses my neck, around my ears or on my collarbone. A little biting/nibbling, too. Sometimes a massage is a good starter- I feel like that kind of sounds high maintenance, so I guess more specifically, my back. Rubbing or even just lightly dragging his fingertips across/ down my back (or the side/back of my neck) is wonderful! 
I'm also a boob girl; he can rub 'em, kiss 'em, whatever.. 
And my V-line...you know what I'm talking about.. 
When he traces his fingers along that area or kisses...Oh man!
 Outside of the bedroom: Telling me his intentions or what he wants (I know that's not a touch, but still). Tracing along my ear or neck. Or rubbing my thigh, if we're sitting & no one can see it. And if he sneaks in a butt grab...not a middle school aged but grab, but a nice handful, discretely of course. No need for everyone to see that. ;)
And sometimes,  in both instances-both at or away from home-, all it takes is some passionate kissing.
Now it's your turn!
Take the question & answer any way you'd like to. As in depth, or not, as you'd like.
This is for fun, so have fun with it!
Don't forget to add your link to the link-up!  


  1. Love it!! Thanks so much for linking up! Hope you'll join again next week :)

  2. Ah yes, the good old butt grab. It's a classic! I prefer to be on the grabbing end though, personally ;D

  3. Interesting link up :)
    I like for my husband to run his fingers over my back too. Or scratch my legs. Yum!

    By the way, you have word verification turned on which makes it more difficult to comment on your posts.


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