Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's da brat-tat-tat bustin' out on that ass.

So, first lemme start with...I don't like Bloglovin. It confuses me, & I can't change my picture yet because I refuse to have it connected to my FB account. They said that they would eventually have it fixed to where we could change our pictures in other ways. So for now, I'm still rocking that blue heart. I don't know how to post from it. Is it just for reading?! Or have I just not figured it all out yet?! I'm set up on it and all, but I'll probably continue to use my Blogger dashboard until (1)I figure it out, or (2)until it won't let me...whichever comes first. You can still Follow me on Bloglovin' though, if you haven't already. :)

Today is Naughty Talk Tuesday. Link up with Nicole! It's a link about sexy time. I'll post mine separate from this post.

Now, I'm gonna have a bit of a selfish moment.
Don't hate on me for it.

I wish people around me would think like me.

For example, pictures.
It's rare that there is someone else that likes to capture everything in pictures, besides me. It's not that it never happens. But when I want it to, it seems like it doesn't. Let me elaborate a little. You're on an outing with lets say some friends. & you (being me) are snapping pictures, it's fun and memorable and junk, ya know? But wait....you're not going to be in anyyyy pictures because YOU'RE THE ONE TAKING THEM. & Let's face it, selfies aren't always the way to go. Sometime you'd like to be in a few nice candid shots instead of always being the one taking it. This has been an issue to me for as long as I can remember, because I was always the girl with the camera. One question I always want to ask photographers, because on normal circumstances they are more than likely always the picture taker, is "does it ever bother you that you are in minimal pictures because you're always the one behind the camera?" It's actually funny to me that it bothers me, because I'm rarely satisfied with pictures that I'm IN,..but it's just the simple principal that you can show people pictures of where you've been and who you were with and all the fun & then it's like "well where are you?" Behind the f'kin camera, as always. Not complaining about that part, but it's the fact that no one even offers "oh hey, let me take one now so you can get in on the picture." Oh & when they do, or when you finally ask, they snap a quick shot & then that's it. I actually take the time to try to get a good picture of/for you. Is it really to much to ask to do the same for me. If you look unflattering or something isn't right to me, I'll say "let's do another" Or "let me get a couple more". Them...nah they can't be bothered with that.

Gift giving..
I may be part of the 1% with this, but I usually pay attention when my husband or anyone in my family says "I want [something]" I feel like no one does that for me. I've even become very outspoken at times with saying I WANT THIS. When it comes to Christmas, I STILL make a list. Why? Because if someone asks what do you want, I can give them the list & there's no excuse for "well you never told me what you liked or wanted." Um, no. I have a list...it's about 5 or so pages long and very specific. (I wish that was an exaggeration, but it's not....In my defense, it's not actually a "Christmas list"...when I see something I want at anytime I write it down,...for ME. It just comes in handy when some sort of gift giving holiday comes up....also 85-90% of the list is CD's & Movies I want...again, not an exaggeration. I think I have 5 pages front and back of just movies. lol When I buy myself something, or if I happen to receive it as a gift, it get's marked off, but the list is for me.)

Hubs & I still live at home, my home. We have 5 adults living in this house. No, I'm not kidding. FIVE.
Cleaning can be quite the chore. Everyone is suppose to clean up after themselves, work together, blah blah blah. I can clean, I don't like to but I can....When I get in a cleaning mood, I HATE that I can't clean. Why can't I? I like to be ALONE when I clean. Why? Because I refuse to clean with someone else sitting on their ass. I'm not cleaning around you. I don't even want to clean in the next room. Leave, go visit with someone or something. If you want me to clean, scoot! Huntin' seasons are my best friend because it's the only time I get chances at getting the house alone! Everyone's gone to the club for the weekend. It's leaves me with the option to do whatever the fuck I want to do...& clean. lol

It applies to way more areas of life, theses are just the examples & areas that came to mind right now.
Look, I know how ridiculous I may sound.
But please tell me I'm not completely alone in this?! Haha

Now that I've given the impression that I'm a completely spoiled brat, I'm gonna go sulk in my room...
Okay not really. LOL
I'm gonna do another post & then go clean something downstairs (where I'm alone), or put together my dresser for my bathroom! :)

Have a fantabulous Tuesday.

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