Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish the...

Because I have nothing to really write about right now....I'm linking up with Holly and her bloggy friend Jake for a fun finish the sentence link up! 
I was gonna do this last week,...but I just didn't. I know, I suck.
Here it goes..

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat... wait...calories count? ;) I'm bad with calories because I still eat whatever I want. haha.

2. On my Prom night.... I wore a green, glittery dress. My then-bf (now-hubs) didn't dance. A group of us sat outside & talked the entire time, went inside when King/Queen announcement was happening. Got our pictures taken & that was it! Then we -D & I & one other guy- proceeded to a hotel to meet some other friends to get drunk...I was the only one still in school so it was "my" after prom party. lol

3. When I go to the store, I always buy... something I don't need that causes me to spend way too much money. (Looking at you WalMart, you damn moneytrap!) And a Mountain Dew.

4. Family functions typically... are very loud & involve lots of laughter.

5. I think my blog readers... are awesome & I'm thankful for them. Don't be shy. Let's be friiieeeennnds!

6. I'd much rather be..... in my own home with my hubby.
7. I have an obsession with....the color blue, music, pictures (looking at and taking), social media at times, my TV shows, laughing, and this guy...
And this song, at the moment..
Thank Jesus Fall Out Boy has returned.♥

8. My work friends.... don't have those, unfortunately.

9. When I created my Facebook account.... I only did it because MySpace was losing steam. lol

10. My least favorite word is... no...but really, I don't know. I know there are words I don't like, but I can't think of any...
11. I really don't remember.... what words are my least favorite. Haha! or...what I'm supposed to be doing half the time. Or my passwords half the time. (I'll type it in 10 times before I get the right one), but I can remember random stuff.

12. Justin Bieber.... gave me the fever, Bieber Fever. But Biebs, dude...get it together. Always loved how you seemed so humbled...don't lose that! Dammit! 


Anyone have a Twitter?
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  1. Hey lady I am visiting from the link up! I hear you on the Wal-Mart money trap, if I dont have a list I spend a freakin TON!!!

  2. wal-mart=black hole for money...especially when I am hungry. thanks for linking with us!


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