Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A little venting, I Can't Believe...and a singing parrot. Happy Spring!

I'm sitting here, eating my popcorn, easy cheese, chicken in a biscuit cracker snack, chugging a mt.dew & wasting time instead of going to put in the application that I was going to put in today.
Not, I'm pretty disappointed in myself for not going to put that app in. I shall do it tomorrow...says the girl who has been saying that for over a week. It'll end up being the typical case of me waiting too long--or just not getting chosen.
So, I have been wanting to go see my favorites (Framing Hanley) & had my hubbers talked into going on an overnight stay 4 hrs away to see 'em. He was game. I asked if he wanted me to invite someone else so he would have company while I was in the middle of the crowd enjoying the show, he said sure.
I had invited someone already but we hadn't talked about it in a week or 2. Last night on a whim, while it was on my mind, I decided to ask again. Only I did it via FB...& my ex-bff(?) flipped. her. shit.
So nice of her to dedicate a status on FB about me..
 that included these comments, among others.
Yes, sweetheart I know how I am.
It was all posted last night, but I didn't notice until today when I was scrolling through FB. And of course it has accumulated many comments.
There was a status, 2 posts made to 2 diff mutual friends that I'm taking as slight digs at me, followed by an Ecard post & a song (Beyonce- Irreplaceable..that one--I'm not sure if it's about me, lmao).
I can say that I get it. It's not like I'm all "*gasp* how dare she, she had no reason to say that."
However, seeing things on FB don't mean a lot.
As Karma would have it for me, about 3 or 4 hours after all of this junk was posted. Nixon (the lead singer) told me that that show had actually been canceled.
Why Karma? Because this is the friend that I had the falling out with last year...and the "straw that broke the camels back" was about the exact. same. thing. A Framing Hanley show.
Replay, much?
We've both been bad friends. But I decided last year that I wasn't going to let any bickering consume me like I normally would...resulting in me looking like even more of a bitch than I am...& I am a bitch. So yea, I look like a terrible friend. Which is a little bit true...but only to her.
Bitch, much? Told you.
Anyway, since I saw all of this I have tried to not let it bother me & in order to do that I gotta get it out.
So sorry to subject you guys to the Drama Llama.
I'll not "feed" her right now. I'm gonna wait and see if she tries to take anymore indirect digs.

Onto a new link up with someone who is sure to brighten your day! I just love the little ray o' sunshine that is Robin & you'll love her too! Go link up (click on the pic!)

I can't believe...that I wasted that much energy typing about that ridiculousness.
I can't believe...that I FINALLY get to see My Girl this weekend. (My niece who I haven't seen since Christmas...I'm so excited!)
I can't believe...that I get to have a girls weekend with my best of the best in about a month!
I can't's already Mid-March. On one hand it's like, "it's just March.." on the other it's like, "Is APRIL really only 2 weeks away?! WHAT?"
I can't believe...I still haven't made my follow up appt. with my gyno.
I can't supper last night was a large order of fries from McDonald's, a mountain dew, & A white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie.
I can't's not butter!

Lol, my mind went blank!
Hope everyone had been having a great FIRST DAY OF SPRING! :)
 yayyy one of my favorite seasons!


I'll leave you with this.
Parrot singing "Bodies" by Drowning Pool

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  1. Hahahha I can't believe it's not butter. I wish I'd thought of that! ;) Thank you so much for linking up, and for making me crave mountain dew! Thank goodness Lent is almost over :)


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