Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dream a little dream...

So, in the past week and a half I've had some random, off-the-wall dreams.
I'm one of those weirdos that believes that dreams can and sometimes do genuinely mean something.
Or teach you something.
Make you aware of something you make not be aware of.
Or just help you understand something.
I believe that sometimes we may understand or realize more than we think we do & sometimes our dreams are the only way we can tap into that.
And then of course I know that there are those that are just your imagination, or the finishing of a thought you had, non-meaningful dreams.

Last night I the only thing I can remember was I was at a house & I remember seeing one of my Twitter friends that I met through Framing Hanley there. He was asleep most of the time though. I do remember he was awake at one point & we were just sitting there talking.
& Then I remember it jumping to me being in the car with my mother in law & I don't even remember what we were talking about, but we were talking about something.
I don't remember enough about that dream to take anything away from it.

The other night, I think Sunday night (?), I had a dream that Doug & I were supposed to go to Vegas with one of my favorites bloggers & her boyfriend. We were supposed to fly out. All I can remember is procrastinating when it came to packing.
Then, of course it came down to the wire & I ended up rushing to pack and didn't have all I needed and I was frantic and panicking. Knowing we were going to miss our flight.
And then somehow or another, I'm assuming I was either leaving or going to a store to get things..I ended up walking down the road.
But not just a road, a highway.
I was walking with someone I knew, but I can't remember who.
Well, we were walking and I knew where I was, I recognized everything around me.
The weather was eerie, and the sky was very ominous.
Then all of a sudden it started to blacken & before I knew it, there was a tornado.
On the road.
Headed in our direction.
All I can remember was jumping into a deep ditch that I luckily was right beside.
...& that's it, that's all that's coming to me. I guess I woke up? Or maybe that's all my mind remembers...

The Friday before last (I think..it'd be the 1st of March)
My dream was me, in a field. Something you'd see in typical, southern scenery.
Tall grass, pretty skies, slight breeze.
Just a gorgeous day.
I reach a point in the field where there was sort of a ravine, only it wasn't a deep one. Just a few feet deep.
In this ravine, we animals.
Wild animals, exotic animals.
I can remember seeing a baby koala. Some cats of various kinds. I remember seeing a laid back tiger. A small elephant.
And a couple of other animals that aren't coming to mind at the moment, it was a mixture. Almost as if I were at a zoo, only not enclosed and all the animals were intermingled-and not killing each other.
And then I remember looking, and seeing a lion looking right at me. Making eye contact, with a lion.
I was scared & felt intimidated.
I remembered calmly walking away at that point. Just as if I've seen and enjoyed the view, time to move to next.
As I continued this leisurely type walk through the field, I noticed I was being followed.
By a cat. A big one. But it wasn't that lion. I'm honestly still not 100% sure what it was.
But I thinking a leopard, only instead of it's normal colors, it had dark colors.
Like a black leopard (which is basically a Panther), only you still see it's markings, so it wasn't a Panther.
I digress.
So this big cat was following me, very slowly. Not necessarily in a threatening manner, I kind of saw it as curiosity.
Still feeling intimidated, I walked very very slightly faster- almost unnoticeable change of pace. The cat didn't. But it was still right there. Right behind me.
And then, it was right beside me.
I had either stopped, or slowed back to where our paces matched.
And then for whatever reason I can remember it bit me. Not enough to seriously injure, but enough to scare me, although I don't remember if it brought blood, I think it's might have just a little. It wasn't attacking me, but it had slightly latched onto my arm for a second. I broke free and continued walking away from it, and it following.
There was an old cabin. I decide to go to it.
I remember going inside, the cat following me. As I reached one area of the house I walked in a door & was able to somehow shut it after the leopard was in. I proceeded to walk our of another & shut the door behind myself, locking the cat in.
But it could still see me.
We stood there looking at each other.
It wasn't angry, it wasn't trying to escape.
It was just looking at me, and me at it.
Almost like looking in a mirror, how you just stand and stare.
And while it was all intimidating, I was calm. I almost felt a small sense of comfort.
I either started to walk again, or I just faded out of the dream.
And that's all I can remember.

I looked that one up. Various elements. And from what I've found so far, I take away a bit of positivity from it. But it still baffles me, what area of my life does it pertain to? All of it, or only one area? I still don't 100% understand it.
Writing it out almost gives me another view point of it. Another way to look at it, or look it up.
Same with my travel dream.

Dreams are crazy things!


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  1. Dreams are crazy! I have noticed that I have more vivid dreams when I have eaten eggs. Random sauce, lady. Just keeping typing them out. :)


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