Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Best Frenemy

You & Me.
Best Friends, we'll be.
Uplifting and fun.
Through smiles and laughter,
Tears and heartache,
Tragedy and triumph.
Friends 'til the end,
Is how it began.
Though now it seems,
My worst enemy
Became the one
I never expected
It to be.
Now good times
And bickering.
Supporting and one-upping.
Down a slippery slope,
Where "Best Friends" became a joke.
Buried beneath
The anger and sarcasm
Lies the best of friends
Who still care.
But on the surface,
It is as it seems;
We've become Best Frenemies.
Love and malice
For one another.
Lead us to discover;
Even the best of friends
Can be broken.
But when the bad
Outweighs the good
Beyond the point of repair.
It's best to part ways, separate;
Let it be.
Only time will tell if wounds will heal.
Best Friends we said we'd always be.
But on the surface,
You and Me.
We became
Best Frenemies.


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  1. This poem is speaking to me right now, I'm going through something like this with my long time bestie :s

    Life of Ally


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