Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday morning--er afternoon-- blahness & a new sexy time link-up!

Y'all, I am just not feeling this. Sucks to come away from such a good weekend to this. I just don't feel good...and it's not the time change.

Friday: I went shopping with my Mom & Granny for a Bridal Shower gift. Which was pretty much a one-stop-shop trip. But me, I can't do that. I had to walk next door to Michaels. Ughh...guys seriously, I'd love a chance at a Michaels (or Hobby Lobby) version of Supermarket Sweep. To just run through and grab any and everything I could! Anyway, every time I go to Michaels it leaves me feeling a little down because I really miss scrapbooking. I want an area to work in sooo bad! Ugh, but we ended our shopping trip by stopping by Mickey D's for a milkshake. Yum-O! Satisfied my chocolate milkshake craving. Then I headed to my cousins to hang and shoot the shit, gossip, the usual. We took a late night trip to Wally World & then I headed home to FINALLY eat supper (Pizza Rolls) at freaking 11pm since she didn't feed me like she said she would! lol

Saturday: Day of the Bridal Shower. I met up with my cousin again, the same one, at about 1. I was going to ride with her to the shower & we had to be there by 2. So we meet at the store & I'm switching the gifts from Hubby's car to hers while she's pumping gas & she gets a call from her Aunt -btw, my God Sister is her cousin, that's not confusing right ;) - about the shower, asking if she was coming. She basically says "yes, we're on our way"...well the shower starts at 4! FOUR! Not 2. Haha, well we decided to go early anyway. The only people there were her aunt, uncle & younger cousins. The bride-to-be finally showed up & then before we knew it so did everyone else. The shower went great, she got some great stuff & it was so good to see my God Sister! By the time my cuzzo & I left we had been there for like 4 hours. haha. She dropped my off at my mother in laws & I ate a burger left from the small cookout I missed & then watched some TV & then hubs & I headed home. When we got home I was in such a good mood & we were just acting silly. I love those times. We went to bed & I ate too much sugar. & Then we had a mini shoot with Sugar (not to be confused with the aforementioned candy).
Sunday: Was a lazy day. I sent Doug out the door at 3am with my brother, Gpa & another club member. They went to the hunting club to check the hog traps, feeders, and cameras & to do a few other things. Hell they made it back before I woke up, which means it was a quickkk trips because it's a 2 hour trip just going down, so..yea. He woke me up & then he went back to bed. So, I went to pick up some groceries with mom. Got home, woke him up, turned on the race & we all sat around. Then Doug went fishing with my bro & dad got supper started. We crunk up the grill last night & had baked potatoes & steaks & I prepped the salad. Supper was aaaaamazeballs!

And that was the end. Other than my middle of the night bath/shower.
I really wish I knew where my damn blow dryer disappeared to.

Anywho, my weekend was actually great. Just wish I didn't get up today feeling the way I do. I'm not sick, I just feel...bad. Hoping I shake it by the end of the day or tomorrow. I'm totally not doing anything I had planned to today & I'm slightly disappointed in myself, but I'll get over it.
This is a pro to being a stay at home wife, when I feel bad I can actually lounge around and not have too much to worry about.

Okay now that I rambled about that.
Onto this Sexy Time Link-Up!
My girl Nicole has decided to do a new link-up called 'Naughty Talk Tuesday with Grub N Marriage' talking about Sex.
She will post a question about your sex life & you answer accordingly! Tomorrow is the first one & I hope you ladies will at least check it out & give it a try! :) Check out her blog for the first question & answer it & link up tomorrow!

And that's about all I have for you today. Thinking about losing myself in my DVR & Pinterest all day. (OH & The Client List is back on! YAY! I had to DVR it so I haven't watched it yet, but I'm excited. Love that show & love J.Love!)

Love Always

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