Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I can't believe & A Fool to Guide You

I can't believe... everyone believes your bullshit. You're a parasite in everyone's ears, or to their eyes.
I can't believe... I let you get to me that much.
I can't believe... that I have been awake since 10-something & haven't eaten anything yet. ugh, I'm STARVING RIGHT NOW!
I can't believe... I still haven't mailed off my God Son's birthday gift. I suck at mailing things sometimes.
I can't believe... that there are so many fun and exciting things that I would really love to pile on my list, but can't. >.<
I can't believe... how freaking obsessed I became with FOB's new song(s). I swear YouTube got mad at me yesterday for listening to one over-and over- and over- and over...etc.
I can't believe... that I've probably ate half a bag of reeses eggs, alone.
I can't believe... the way my mind works.
I can't believe... that I'm still trying to find a job without connections and no one is willing to give me a chance.
I can't believe... I've let so much build up in me again. That's the point of my blog, to let it out.
I can't believe... that we had about 2 days of blowing snow. No accumulating or sticking. Just..snowing. Happy to see the sun again, will be happier to feel the warmer temps again.
I can't believe... I have like 3 days to take a self review test to keep my certification active.
I can't believe... that I'll have to pay $50 for said test, only to probably fail it like I did the last one. SHIT!

You should probably link up with Robin. I know you'll love her! I do!

And because I have bloggy friends/readers that read.
I'm going to give another Florida friend of mine a shoutout.
My friend Drew-who I met through Framing Hanley, has written his first book, and with a fundraiser was able to raise funds to have it published. I, among many others, pledged to help, because I had faith in his ability to put out a good book. And if I can support a friend, I will.
After a lot of hooplah with one publishing company, he finally found another to work with and everything has taken off.
It's in the final stages of being done & is now on sale on Amazon & Westbow's website!
I have already read it, since I was one of the supporters in his fundraiser.
I love it.
It's a supernatural type story. But also has a virtuous undertone.
About a married couple, attempting to save their damaged marriage, taking a weekend retreat with their son in tow. While their, the the demons of the husbands past mixed with dark forces in the night try to unravel what's left of their marriage, all the while they use their faith in and love for one another to fight off the darkness. But will it be enough?
You just have to read it. I loved it.
It's called "A Fool To Guide You".
You can go HERE & HERE to read the description & purchase it in either paperback or hardback.
At least read the description, he obviously tells about it better than I can. haha.

Thanks, lovelies!

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