Friday, June 28, 2013

Life lately. Rambles & such (in case you weren't interested in reading about 1D)

So, in the past week (or so) I've been in and out of blogland.
Because life has been happening.
And I'm okay with that.
I've done my typical creeping/reading.
But not a lot of commenting, or posting, obviously.

So, lately..
The first weekend of Summer was pretty top notch for me.
Friday was the concert, and then Saturday was just a chill day. Doug let me sleep in (til 3pm) & then we spent the day doing nothing! Sunday we got a grocery list together and headed out to spend way too much money get food for the week. And we had an amazing supper Sunday night. If you follow me on IG you've seen a lot of food lately. Sorry bout that. ;-) 
Friday night, after the concert, we stopped at Taco Bell once we got closer to home & while ordering I heard a funky ass noise that my car was making. Thankfully, we all made it home safely. The next day my mechanic hubby tore it down and figured out what it was. But I ended up having to spend the week car-less (unless I drove my dad's truck). So it's finally fixed & I got to drive her today! 

I've been so tired this week with having to make sure broseph wake up for work, and I've been sleeping in the recliner. THE RECLINER. Why? Because if I go to bed after he leaves for work, I sleep ALL. DAY. So, the recliner was the way to go. 
But, my back hurts. I'm SO happy to go to bed in my bed tonight.

I've cooked every single night since Sunday.
Done dishes most days/nights.
Cleaned..a little...not as much as I'd like, but whatevs.
I think I do fairly well at running a house.

My bro also handed his finances over to me & it stressed me out once I figured up how much he has going out per month as opposed to what he has coming in. I'm really hoping him not having quick access to his money will help him save. He's just going to have to accept it when I tell him no sometimes & he's just going to have to really be smart with spending & loafing.
I've also had a hold on Hubby loves card too, so we can try to tighten up. But, it hasn't really worked, yet.  We got so low that it'll take a couple of weeks to see in build back up to our, or my, comfort zone. For instance, right now, we are about 4 days late paying our cell bill, & won't be able to pay it til tomorrow. Yeah, too low for this girl! So, I forsee a lot of home fun. I'm still hoping that we can get a lot of that summer bucket list done, though.
We'll see.

And then of course, job hunting. I spent hours upon hours yesterday looking at job listings.
I found one that I felt comfortable applying for. So I did & then I woke up to an email that read, in part, "we're sorry to inform you that you have not been selected to interview," I'm so tired of getting that email.
I feel hopeless. No one seems to want anyone with no experience...even the jobs that say "will train the right person". Are you fuckin' kidding me? So today, while I was at the mall having my rings cleaned & grabbed a paper of who all is hiring there. So, I'll read over that and see if there is anything I want to try for.
I don't want to be in retail. And I don't want to be in the health field. I honestly don't know where I would really do well. I don't know where I belong.
I seriously feel lost when it comes to the career aspect of my life.
It just...ugh.
Frustration isn't even the right word for it.
July is knockin' on the door! It's My Birthday Month! My B-day is in 13 days y'all. :-) Which means I have 13 days to get my 30 Before 30 list made. I should probably get started on that, huh?

I love summer, but it's not my favorite. It's too hot, I don't like being miserable.
I don't like sweating, I sweat too much anyways, so summer is hell for me.

Well, I figured I'd drop in and ramble.
Let you know I'm still here.
& I'll be back.

I gotta go finish up supper now.
TGIF & Have a great weekend.
Lovins & stuff!

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