Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Moody Judy.

Post number 2 for the day. Should you be the slightest bit interested you can read numero uno here.

I'm just going to keep this short and facking sweet. Or as short as I can doing multiple link ups.
Which means, not "short" at all.
I'm quite honestly not in the mood for anything right now, mood swings out the ass today! But I'm not going to let it completely ruin my day. I'm just gonna do what I normally do, only add in a bunch of relaxing. My sleep schedule is way off, which means my tank is on low. Plus, that bitch, Aunt Flo, is hanging would happen this week. So, I'm not gonna get myself too wound up today & at about 8 or 9 I'm gonna pop a ZzzQuil and hope it puts me out of my misery for a good 8 or 9 hours. :)
On with the linkies!

Robin has been super busy with work, school, company in town, and just life in general, so there is technically no "I Can't Believe" link up today, but I'm still going to give her a small shout out. Definitely check her out. :-)  I can't believe I let my sleep get this messed up. I'm actually not surprised, but I'm mad at myself a bit.
Heather, Ash, Bailey, & Amy
So, Weigh In Wednesday.
Last Week: 158.5
This Week: 159.2
Up: 0.7

Working out has been at a zero. So, I understand. Not even mad at it. Actually I haven't even thought about my weight in a couple of days. So, ehhh. The past couple of days I've been so consumed with trying to spoil my hubs a bit once he gets home, that working out or weight just isn't at the top of my list...or brain.
Wanna reiterate that my UGW is 135. I started out at 163 in April. That means that in almost 2 months I've only lost about 3.8 lbs. I'm not complaining. But I know I can do better if I just put my mind to it more. I gotta find that happy medium between being wayyyy tooo lenient and wayyyyy to strict (or putting wayyy to much pressure on myself).

And now for a new link up.
From One Year To Beyond. This one is only happening during the month of June & it's about the first year of marriage. But, really I think anyone in a relationship can participate. For details, go over visit my girl Karla at Forever Newly Wedded and check it out. She happens to be a co-host, along with 9 other ladies. I'm not going to link to all of them. (Don't take it personally- as I said above. My mood isn't where it should be and I just don't feel like it)
But definitely go check them all out. I know I'm gonna, you can get to their pages from Karla's! SO GO!
The first topic is:
The funniest moments from year one.

As bad as it sounds....
I can't think of one. But yet there are many!
I know, I very anticlimactic. Merp.

We have many, many funny moments. We constantly are cracking ourselves up over the dumbest, silliest, and funniest stuff. There just doesn't seem to be one "Oh my God, Let me tell you..." moment that is sticking out to me right now.

I almost feel like it's pointless to link up, but I'm doing it anyway. If I have an AHA! moment I will just post it in next weeks!

Okay, I'm done!
I'm now going to become consumed by blog reading & maybe working on some more drafts while laying in bed listening to music, inhaling Mt.Dew and eating M&M's. That's all healthy right? No? Ehh, Fack it!

Don't forget about the CMT Music Awards tonight!

Happy Humpday, Ladies.
And here I find myself giggling.
Mood swings, I tell you.



  1. Thanks for linking up today! Gains happen - next week will be better!

    I totally forgot about the CMT award! thanks for the reminder :)

  2. CMT awards, WOOT!! I love Kristen Bell and think she is hilarious! Plus country music is!

  3. Thanks for reminding about the awards, but sadly at work we do not get that channel :(

  4. It's hard to remember funny moments sometimes!
    Glad you linked up! Can't wait to

  5. Totally missed the awards. My husband had two different shows recording at the same time and I could not change the channel. Story of my life.


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