Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My weekend...

Was 50% good and 50% what the actual fuck.

Friday (Doug's Birthday)- He took the day off & we got a later than wanted start to the day. He wanted to go fishing, so we did. And it rained...no..it poured. Fishing in the rain is no biggie, really. But we were SOAKED. The bottom fell out so fishing was cut WAY short. And we didn't catch anything. Then we had to stop in a get me something to wear to the wedding for Sat.
Then we went home, changed clothes, & waited for his mom. His mom, brother, my nephew, Doug & myself all went out to eat. Hubby love got his seafood. He filled up on crab legs, and a couple of frog legs while I enjoy my grilled chicken. lol. I did try the frog leg though, only cause he asked me to and really only because it was his birthday.

Saturday- I spent literally hours on curling my head full of hair, only for it to not hold. -__- But the wedding was adorable. It was so weird seeing his cousin get married. He's only a couple of years younger than me, but still. After that we came home and did nothing. Then some of Doug's family were leaving for the beach, I decided to not go, because our anniversary was the next day & I'd really rather Doug go too. And now I'm wishing I was on the beach. *sigh*

Sunday (Our Anniversary)- We really didn't know what to do. We knew we were going out to eat, but we had no other plans. So we decided to ride upto his moms so he could shoot his gun. Then...the eating. We decided to go to Chili's, because it's one of my favorites. Their chicken club tacos & a pom margarita make me smile...or did. BUT...to my extreme disappointment. Those motherfuckers took Chicken Club Tacos off the menu. I'm a creature of habit...when I go to Chili's that is literally the reason I go. I actually got extremely pissed, but I kept my mouth shut, it wasn't the waiters fault or anything. Then after reading the menu a good 8 or 9 times, I finally decided to try the Bacon Ranch Quesadilla.... meh, not impressed. I seriously probably wont go back. And if I do, unless I'm feeling froggy and want to try something new, I'll stick to the texas cheese fries. So-fucking-pissed. I think the main reason I was so devastated is because I had had my heart set on those tacos alllll weekend. I don't like change, don't mess with my food. Just...no. So, I downed a few margaritas and got a buzz.  We got home and it was only like 7 maybe. We ate early. So I got home and with a fully belly and a little buzz, I went to sleep on the couch for about an hour or so.
Woke up and we decided to go to bed and relax. I still had a full belly. A couple hours went by...and I still felt full. I was miserable. It's like it wasn't digesting fast enough...or at all. Idk. But it was aweful.
Then, we ended the night right...
By watching Hook!
Bangarang! ;-)

So yea.
I never gave him a birthday or anniversary gift, I have to order it. I didn't even give him his anniversary card.
I didn't even get him a bday cake until yesterday. lol
But it's okay cause he lurved it, Oreo Ice Cream Cake.

I have was a lazy blogger yesterday.
Oh well.
I'm just meh. I've been tired the past couple of days. I don't even feel like posting any pictures.
But I'm still here!

Have a good one!


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